What is Performance Marketing? How to get started?

Mar 14, 2023

Performance-based influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that today’s brands are opting for. Not only brands but creators also bet big on this strategy. New-age content creators are becoming content-preneurs by exploring limitless income potential for themselves by utilising this growingly popular marketing approach. How can you profit from performance-based advertising campaigns? Which brands ought you to select? How can you improve my chances of making more money? In this comprehensive guide, we have the answers to these pressing issues and more. Let's start with the fundamentals.

What is the process of a performance marketing campaign?

1. Once you choose to participate in a performance-focused campaign at InfluGlue, you will receive a special URL tracker or a discount code.

2. To share your unique links or coupon codes as part of a message on your various social media platforms, all you have to do is repost, curate, or share them.

3. With each conversion, you receive a set payout. For instance, if a user uses the special link that has been provided to click, install, order, etc., you can get paid for each of these actions depending on the campaign KPI.

Our team of professionals will evaluate your business objectives carefully and then only will allow you to conduct performance marketing.

How to select the right brands for performance marketing? (For influencers)

If you are an influencer confused about which brand to choose for performance marketing here are some tips for you to decide:

1. Based on your audience's age, gender, location, and other demographics, you choose the brands about which you frequently write or in which they are most interested.

2. Based on where you get the most traction, you decide where to publish the brand's message after understanding its needs.

Some of the best practices of performance marketing to consider:

#1: Optimize your traffic

As a content creator, you can do a lot to optimize your content so that it would reach the maximum number of people on your preferred social media platform. Start by posting the content at a time it would get great visibility. For example, the weekend can be more engaging for your content than weekdays, or it might perform better in the evening than in the afternoon. Try to learn from your engagement patterns and do what is best for your content.

#2: Pay attention to the algorithms

Understanding the algorithm of various social media platforms isn't rocket science. Paying a little attention over your last few posts and a bit of research would get you started on this. Try to modify your content in a way the platform pushes it to more viewers so that you could get more followers.

performance marketing

#3: Maintain post frequency

Don't forget to take into account your posting frequency and the general variety of your social media account's material. Striking a balance between marketing your distinctive links and offering value to your readers through different forms of content is crucial.

#4: Fine-tune your content

To get more people to click on your links and view your information, use eye-catching graphics and popular music in your writing. In order to increase the number of individuals who see your material from the explore section, you may also include trending hashtags or # with a larger following.

#5: Include CTAs in your content

Include a creative Call to Action that does not sound too pushy. To understand how your posts are performing you can include promo codes in your posts.

performance marketing campaign

#6: Use the right hashtags

Make sure all your brand content includes proper hashtags which make it easier to discover by the audience who share the same interest.

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Benefits of performance-based influencer marketing

One of the most effective benefits of this approach is influencers will only get paid once they can successfully sell your products. This is way more effective than showcasing products through influencers and asking their followers to purchase the products. It is great for driving the purchase decisions of your target customers.

Performance-based influencer marketing campaigns are more transparent and measurable than traditional influencer marketing campaigns where brands need to spend a lump sum just to showcase their products through influencers without any guarantee regarding sales.

performance marketing campaign

Performance-based influencer marketing ensures better performance outcomes, however, for that brands need to collaborate with the right set of influencers in a proper manner.

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Expanding your social media reach can be daunting if you don't know the right method. It is always recommended to do proper research before conducting a social media campaign that involves influencers. We are experts at conducting performance marketing for brands. To discuss more about our influencer marketing services and packages connect with InfluGlue. The experts will evaluate your brand reputation and suggest you the best strategies to fulfil your marketing requirements.


Discover what is performance marketing and how to get started. Also discover how InfluGlue will help you throughout!


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