Meet The 10 Lifestyle Bloggers Who Are Redefining Canadian Living In 2023

Feb 17, 2023

Interested in Canadian fashion and lifestyle? Then you cannot afford to miss reading this article! Here our team of researchers unveil some interesting facts about the top lifestyle bloggers in Canada who are constantly breaking stereotypes and setting new social media trends internationally.

Our favourite Canadian fashion bloggers aren't just stylish influences; they're also experts at dressing for the weather, whether it's rain, snow, or sun. They've mastered layering and functional clothing that really looks good in place of those unpredictably fluctuating temperatures, demonstrating that you CAN have excellent style no matter how chilly it is.

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List of 10 top Lifestyle Bloggers in Canada

1. Ania B

Ania B

Ania a professional model since age 14. She started her blog as a solo project with the objective to document daily inspiration, but then it has gone through a lot of experimentation as she started opening its window to the world of style. Through her blog, she wanted to crave a path to fashion that allowed her to use her voice. If you are a beauty enthusiast you would enjoy every bit of the content published on her lifestyle blog. You can also take a look at her Instagram account to get a glimpse of her passion for fashion.

2. Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia is one of the top lifestyle bloggers in Canada known for her bold choices in fashion and lifestyle. On her lifestyle blog, you would find a plethora of content posted related to the wide spectrum of Canadian fashion and lifestyle. From interviews with renowned actors and stylists to the latest photography trends and tricks to stand out your content her blog is a repository of worth-reading articles. People who are obsessed with reading the most entertaining fashion content should bookmark her blog – Addicted

3. Cara Jourdan Clare

Cara Jourdan Clare

Cara’s Canadian lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to travel and wellness. Founded by the bona fide Cara Jourdan, the blog has a strong focus on minimalism and sustainability, with an emphasis on conscious consumption and mindful living. Cara's Instagram posts are beautifully curated, with stunning photography and engaging writing that draws in readers from all over the world. With a strong social media presence and collaborations with top brands, has become a go-to resource for anyone looking for inspiration on how to live a stylish, conscious, and fulfilling life.

4. Emma


Emma’s lifestyle blog offers a wide array of inspiration and ideas for creating a beautiful and functional home. Emma, a top lifestyle blogger in Canada is an interior stylist who has a passion for all things design. With her eye for detail and her dedication to creating spaces that are both beautiful and livable, she has built a following of readers who turn to her for advice on everything from furniture selection to home organization.
On her lifestyle blog one would get a mix of practical advice, design inspiration, and personal anecdotes, making it a relatable and informative resource for anyone looking to enhance their living space. Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a newcomer to the world of home design, Emma's blog offers something for everyone.

5. Alicia


Another top lifestyle blogger in Canada is Alicia who started her blog in her early twenties while she worked as a digital media specialist in a local clothing company, soon she started discovering her love and passion for creating lifestyle blogs. Today the blog offers a wealth of information on beauty and lifestyle topics. With her eye for style and her dedication to sharing her knowledge with her readers, Alicia has built a following of loyal fans. From outfit ideas to travel tips to delicious recipes, is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to live their best life.

6. Jenny Flacon

Jenny Flacon

Jenny’s popular Canadian lifestyle blog covers everything from skincare and makeup to haircare and wellness. This Toronto-based beauty enthusiast has a passion for all things beauty. With her in-depth knowledge of the latest beauty trends and her commitment to sharing her expertise with her readers, Aleeza has built a loyal following of beauty lovers who turn to her blogs for advice and recommendations. This blog features a mix of product reviews, beauty tutorials, and lifestyle content, making it a one-stop destination for anyone looking to up their beauty game. Whether you're looking for the latest skincare must-haves, makeup tips and tricks, or advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she has got you covered.

7. Krystin Lee

Jenny Flacon is a top lifestyle blog that offers readers an intimate look into the life of Krystin, a New York City-based blogger and entrepreneur. The blog features a mix of personal stories, travel guides, and fashion content, making it a relatable and engaging resource for anyone looking to live their best life.
What sets her blog apart from other lifestyle blogs is Krystin's candid and down-to-earth approach. Her writing style is conversational and approachable, and she's not afraid to share her ups and downs with her readers. Whether she's talking about the challenges of entrepreneurship or the joy of exploring a new city, her voice is authentic and relatable. If you're looking for a lifestyle blog that feels like a conversation with a friend, is a perfect read.

8. Kayla Seah

Krystin Lee

NotYourStandard is a popular lifestyle blog created by Kayla Seah, a Canadian-born fashion blogger and influencer based in Berlin, Germany. The website features a perfect concoction of fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle content, as well as inspiring interviews with creative and entrepreneurial women. Kayla's style is effortless and chic, and her content is visually stunning and engaging. In addition to her blog, she has a strong social media presence, with over 11k followers on Instagram. Not Your Standard is a go-to destination for anyone looking for inspiration on how to live a stylish and fulfilling life, with a focus on conscious and sustainable living.

9. Alexander Kenton Leon

Alexander Kenton Leon

When talking about the top lifestyle bloggers in Canada one name that is worth mentioning is Alexander Leon who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Alexander uses his website and social media platforms to share his unique perspective on fashion, style, and travel. His website features a variety of content including outfit inspiration, fashion reviews, travel guides, and interviews with industry professionals.

Through his clean and modern aesthetic, Alexander offers his readers a glimpse into his personal style, while also providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of fashion. With a strong social media following and a commitment to authenticity, Alexander Liang has become a respected voice in the fashion community.

10. Emerson Hannon

Emerson Hannon

Emerson is one of the top lifestyle bloggers in Canada known for is a fashion and lifestyle blog that embodies sophistication and elegance. With a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, the blog provides a visually stunning platform to showcase the latest trends and styles. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, home decor, travel, and wellness, all with the same refined and polished approach.

Emerson has a keen eye for detail and a passion for classic, timeless pieces. is the perfect destination for those seeking inspiration for a chic and sophisticated lifestyle, with practical tips and beautiful imagery to guide them along the way.

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Discover the top lifestyle bloggers in Canada worth following and what you would find inside their blogs.


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