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How much influencer marketing agencies charge their clients in 2023?

Table of Content Pricing for professional influencer marketing services Looking for affordable influencer marketing services for your brand? Here's what you can do

Mar 25, 2023 Influencer marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Brief & Its Importance

Table of Content What is an influencer brief? Where can I find an influencer brief template? Why do you need an influencer brief?

Mar 23, 2023 Influencer marketing

How to Find the Right Influencers & Creators for Your Next Campaign

Table of Content 8 Tips to find the right influencers for your next campaign Why would InfluGlue be your best choice? Get ready to find your perfect match.

Mar 21, 2023 Influencer marketing

20 Influencer Marketing Keywords and Buzzwords Decoded

The influencer marketing industry is getting bigger and bigger every day. If you are in the industry and want to make the most of it you need to be familiar with a few keywords. In this article find out what different keywords mean. These buzzwords Provide a basic understanding of the industry, s

Mar 16, 2023 Influencer marketing

What is Performance Marketing? How to get started?

Table of Content What is the process of a performance marketing campaign? How to select the right brands for performance marketing? (For influencers) S

Mar 14, 2023 Influencer marketing

5 Marketing Ideas To Delight Your Customers in March

Table of Content List of 5 marketing ideas to make your brand stand out in March #1: Promote your brand around big events #2: Offer complimentary products as a gift #3: Use unique hashta

Mar 08, 2023 Influencer marketing

Meet The 10 Lifestyle Bloggers Who Are Redefining Canadian Living In 2023

Table of Content List of 10 top Lifestyle Bloggers in Canada Looking for top lifestyle bloggers in Canada for brand promotion? Let us help you! Interested in Can

Feb 17, 2023 Influencer marketing

5 Real Reasons Why Brands Fail With Influencer

Table of Content 5 Reasons for a failed influencer marketing campaign #1: Proceed without a proper plan #2: Not having clear marketing goals #3: Poorly executed collaborations

Feb 14, 2023 Influencer marketing