20 Influencer Marketing Keywords and Buzzwords Decoded

Mar 16, 2023

The influencer marketing industry is getting bigger and bigger every day. If you are in the industry and want to make the most of it you need to be familiar with a few keywords. In this article find out what different keywords mean. These buzzwords Provide a basic understanding of the industry, so scroll down to get started.

1. Influencers

Influencers are people who are known for their knowledge and skill, they are extremely active on different social media platforms. They are known as creative professionals they possess an ability to affect culture through their unique creativity.

They are also known as Content creators, individuals who create content on social media.

2. Influencer marketing

The method of connecting with influential people on social media to help build brand image.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is the process of hiring influential people to endorse a particular product or service. Businesses collaborate with influencers to endorse their products. The idea behind it is to leverage the power of the influencer to gain traction for the brand.

4. Barter collaboration

The word barter is a replacement for money. In most cases brands with limited marketing budget work with influencers in exchange for free products instead of real money. It is one effective to compensate the creators who can work for you, provided the products are lucrative.

5. Influencer endorsement

When an influencer endorses a product on his/her social media account in a positive way it's called influencer endorsement. He/she tries to spread awareness about the product (and the brand) and the brand gets visibility through the process.

6. Influencer payout

Instagram Business Account

Most payments to influencers are made in the form of sponsored content, where the company pays the influencer or provides them with free goods. If the influencer and the brand collaborate, commission fees are more suitable. The entire process of compensating the content creator is called influencer payout.

7. Platform algorithms

To prioritise which content a user sees first in relation to the chance that they will actually engage with it, algorithms in social media platforms can be thought of as technical methods of sorting posts based on relevance.

8. Feed

Sharing and connecting with people may be done on Instagram Feed. The images and videos of your preference will be displayed on your feed when you open Instagram or refresh it.

9. FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

By law enforcement, advocacy, research, and education, the FTC works to protect the public against dishonest or unfair commercial activities as well as unfair methods of competition. Every American's economic life is impacted by the work they do to safeguard consumers and encourage competition.

10. Verified

Instagram provides a verification check for accounts representing well-known companies and influencers when there is a high risk of the account being impersonated. By doing this, Instagram users can be sure that the businesses and individuals they wish to follow are real.

11. Instagram bots

Instagram bots

Instagram bots are tools that help businesses grow their following base on social media platforms. A business can use social media in a variety of ways to attract likes, views, and followers. Instagram bots are a single of these methods. 
With the latest algorithm updates Instagram can now blacklist (shadowban) bots at any time without notice so be careful if you are using bot services.

12. Instagram Business Account

To access tools that can help you expand your business on Instagram, you can convert your personal profile into a business account. You can access free business tools with a business account, including viewing analytics that can provide you insight into Instagram users who are engaged with your brand.

13. Shadowban

A shadowban on Instagram is when a user's activity is hidden or restricted without the user being made aware of it. Unless someone already follows you, your content won't show up on their feed, Explore, or hashtag pages if you've been shadowbanned. 

14. Brand advocate

A brand advocate is someone who enhances your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

Brand advocates write favourable product reviews. Additionally, they promote new clients and produce material on your behalf. Even brand champions offer insightful feedback on your consumer personas.

Around 92% of buyers now check social media for recommendations before making a purchase which makes advocates a crucial component of your marketing plan.

15. Brand loyalty

Customers that stick with a brand are said to have a high level of brand loyalty. Customers not only stick with the same brand and keep connecting with it and buying from it, but they also have pleasant associations with it. How people view your brand, its deeds, and its principles greatly influences brand loyalty. Also, it's a crucial strategy for boosting repurchase rates and client loyalty.

16. Target audience

target audiance

When you are aware of your target audience and how to contact them, it enables firms to promote more effectively. You must speak directly to potential customers, despite the fact that it's crucial to reach as many people as you can and that concentrating primarily on certain demographic groups can appear constrictive.

It will ultimately be more profitable for you if you directly contact folks who are interested in your good or service. Hence, you must first determine who will be receiving your message before deciding on how to deliver it and what to say. People must be able to relate to a message's tone and content in order to purchase a good or service.

17. Nano influencers

Nano-influencers are common social media users who have between 100 and 10,000 followers. They don't consider themselves to be "influencers" in any way, and the majority of their posts are commonplace material like memes, cat videos, and pictures of their friends and family.

18. Micro-influencers

Nano influencers

A micro-influencer utilises her social media presence to promote things related to their interests or areas of expertise and has between 1,000 and 100,000 social media followers.

19. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The quantitative measurement of performance over time for a certain goal is known as KPI. KPIs help brands to finalise their business goals in order to thrive.

These are nothing but benchmarks to evaluate progress, and insights that aid in making better business decisions. KPIs help in the strategic advancement of every department of the business, including marketing, sales, finance and human resources.

20. Competitive advantage

A company's ability to produce goods or services faster, more efficiently, or for less money than its competitors is known as a competitive advantage. These elements are crucial to outperform its competitors in terms of both sales and margins.

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Hope with all these factors kept in mind you can plan a better influencer marketing campaign for your brand and get the most out of it.


Know some of the most used keywords and buzzwords about influencer marketing to make informed decisions for your business.


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