Top 10 Fashion Influencers Of Canada Who Are Ready To Collaborate

Jan 13, 2022

When it comes to fashion Canada is The home of some of the famous fashion influencers and bloggers of the world who are taking the internet by storm with their fashion quotient. They are continuously pushing the traditional definition of fashion and taking it to another dimension with their creativity. In this article, we are going to unveil some of the top fashion influences of Canada who are famous in their community for state of the art content creation. If you are a fashion enthusiast looking to improve your fashion quotient this article is a must-read for you. Also if you are a brand looking to endorse your products with some of the most powerful fashion influencers of your country this article will provide you with useful leads. Without much ado let’s scroll down to discover.

Who are fashion influencers?

Fashion influencers are people who create content about various aspects of lifestyle and fashion on social media platforms. They have a large number of followers on social media And has the power to influence the mindset of the year followers especially regarding their final purchase decision with their recommendations. They are believed to have an enormous knowledge in a particular niche and exclusive skills to present topics of their interest in front of their target audience, this is the reason they are considered as experts in their fields.

Fashion influencers of Canada earn money from product endorsements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, providing renting space of their website to relevant brands etc. Powerful influencers have a closer relationship with their audience compared to traditional celebrities. Because of their convincing power over their audience, nine among ten brands prefer influencer advertising over other forms of marketing. 

How much do fashion influencers charge for brand promotion?

Endorsement charges of influencers depend on their follower counts, so the average cost of influencer marketing depends upon the type of influencers you choose to work with. Social media influencers bring more customers to your brand so their charges depend upon how well they attract a new relevant audience to your business.

Micro-influencers charge lesser than the mega and celebrity influencers because they are followed by fewer audiences compared to them. But micro and nano influencers provide great engagement because they are followed by a niche audience who are connected to each other and value each other’s opinion when it comes to a purchase decision. So if you are thinking about the effectiveness of partnering with micro and nano influencers you can give it a try to get more benefits than one.

List of top 10 fashion influencers of Canada to follow

1. Allana Davison

Allana Davison

Allana is a beauty blogger and fashion influencer of Canada, she also has her own YouTube channel where she uploads various beauty and fashion related content. On Instagram, you will see her endorsing various beauty and cosmetics brands. She maintains a huge fan following (318K) on her verified blue-ticked Instagram profile.

2. Roxi


Roxi is a famous content creator of Canada have a large following on Instagram because of her colourful and relevant content. She loves experimenting with her looks and collaborating with various fashion and beauty brands in Canada. If you are a brand looking for authentic fashion influencers of Canada for the upcoming project you can consider partnering with her.

3. Ania Boniecka

Ania Boniecka

Ania is a famous fashion influencer of Canada known for her outstanding fashion quotient. If you check her Instagram account, you will see her in bold and colourful attire posing in front of awe-inspiring backdrops. Ania was nominated for the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) in the Digital Influencer Of The Year category which makes her one of the top class fashion influencers of Canada. Ania is a pro at brand endorsements, she is regularly collaborating with top fashion brands of Canada and also around the world.

4. Madhu Prabha

Madhu Prabha

Madhu is one of the top fashion influencers of Canada, also a certified athlete, her Instagram is full of her stylish pictures along with athletic poses. You will find her endorsing various fashion, beauty and skincare brands on her profile, she maintains a good engagement ratio throughout her Instagram posts which makes her perfect for brand endorsements.

5. Danya


Danya is a travel, beauty, lifestyle and fashion influencer of Canada known for sharing exclusive tips on the above topics. From brand endorsements to documenting her travel stories in front of her audience, she is extremely vocal on Instagram about her lifestyle choices. Regularly she posts about her new look, new travel destinations and many interesting things on Instagram as well as on YouTube.

6. Katie Chung

Katie Chung

This fashion influencer of Canada is known for sharing dreamy images along with awe-inspiring fashion style on her Instagram. She loves to talk about her favourite findings in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She lives marinating close relationships with her followers, you will find her replying and chatting with her followers on Instagram which is the secret of maintaining an impressive engagement on her Instagram posts.

7. Karina Smith

Karina Smith

Karina is known for her influential personality on Instagram, her recent posts on Instagram is all about maintaining a good lifestyle and fitness during pregnancy. You will also find her sharing hundreds of postpartum tips together with sharing fashionable posts. She is the queen of endorsements, because of the versatile content she endorses hundreds of beauty, skincare, lifestyle, health and fitness brands on her profile.

8. Tee


Tee’s beauty content and way of presenting her fashionable side to her followers make her one of the most famous fashion influencers of Canada. Among her beauty content Korean skincare tips are extremely famous, the best thing is she minutely describes the usage and advantages of various products that she loves and/or endorses on Instagram. If you are into fashion and beauty content love to get some fresh new content ideas for your profile you can check her style of content creation.

9. Vanessa


Vanessa is a Toronto based fashion influencer who loves to collaborate with fashion and lifestyle brands of Canada. Because of her high-quality fashion content, many loves following her on Instagram. If you love trying new attires from various brands you can follow this fashionista on Instagram.

10. Hanan


Hanan is extremely passionate about top-class fashion and lifestyle which clearly reflects on her Instagram profile. She loves documenting her lifestyle on Instagram, there you will find her providing all the details of her attires on her posts. From bold to different western attires she knows how to slay in every bit of it.

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Discover the top fashion influencers of Canada who are pro at brand endorsements and ready to collaborate with you! If you are a fashion enthusiast interested in influencing, you must check the list of our handpicked fashion influencers to uplift your fashion quotient.


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