Top 10 Beauty Vloggers in Canada to Follow in 2022

Oct 18, 2021


Are you a beauty enthusiast who like to check out the best beauty content on the internet irrespective of the boundary of nations? Then this article is a must-read for you. As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada here our content experts have highlighted the top 10 beauty vloggers that everyone should follow.

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Who are beauty vloggers?

Beauty vloggers are video content creators about beauty and various aspects of lifestyle. They love to document their skills and knowledge in this sector. Over time they have managed to gather a lot of subscribers or followers because of their talent in the beauty niche. They often work with brands to help them promote their products or services by leveraging their influencing power.

To know more about how beauty vloggers create content read the next section of the article.

How beauty vloggers can help you endorse your brand?

If you are a beauty brand looking to revamp your business in the upcoming season you must know how to leverage the power of influencers to reach your marketing goals. You need to partner with influencers if your marketing goals include the one or more of the following:

  • Expand your reach and engagement
  • Improve your brand value
  • Get quality content
  • Form loyal relationship with the customers
  • Gain trust of your customers
  • Get more user-generated content
  • Increase sales
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Influencers/ beauty vloggers are followed by millions of subscribers who praise them for their creation in this sector. If renowned influencers recommend your products or services your brand would get instant exposure that would have otherwise cost a lot of time and money. Moreover, influencers’ recommendations are trusted among their followers so if you are looking to gain trust from your new and existing customers you must think of partnering with beauty vloggers who resonates well with your brand.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing that provide you guaranteed result if applied correctly. Besides, it is extremely cost-effective this is why eight among ten beauty brands are looking to work with beauty vloggers. Those influencers have a good grip over their audience, they can easily shift their mindset towards purchasing new products or taking up new services. Research suggests more than 78% of online customers trust influencers’ recommendations more than any other form of marketing, so it is worth trying.

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List of top 10 beauty vloggers in Canada to follow

1. PinkSparkles (1.13M Subscribers)


Samantha is one of the most famous beauty vloggers in Canada with millions of subscribers on YouTube with more than 1200 videos on her channel. From beauty tutorials to makeup and shopping haul you will find a wide range of amazing videos made by Samantha. If you are into this beauty vlogging game looking to upgrade your beauty content, you must check her content both on YouTube and Instagram.

2. Sierra Furtado (2.56M Subscribers)


Sierra is not only into makeup she is pro at creating fashion, lifestyle, advice and DIY projects about random kinds of stuff. Her festive makeup looks are awesome that attracts millions of viewers to her videos. Sierra likes to travel to various places and likes to document exciting moments for her subscribers. She likes reading comments on her videos and interacting with her fans to maintain a loyal relationship with them.

3. Adelaine Morin (1.26M Subscribers)


This 23-year-old Canadian beauty vlogger is the heart of millions of teenagers not only in Canada but across the world. You can check her beauty and fashion related content on her channel, because of her outstanding skill, knowledge and contribution in the beauty vlogging sector she has earned the ‘NYX Face Award’ for the year 2013. She is also associated with the popular lifestyle magazine: The Seventeen.

4. Allana Davison (739K Subscribers)


Alana is a sensational beauty vlogger in Canada famous for her beauty, fashion and lifestyle content. If you visit her YouTube channel you will find her collaborating with hundreds of international makeup brands. From glamorous makeup look to nude looks, he is pro at creating multiple looks using simple makeup hacks.

5. Allegra Shaw (911K Subscribers)


Allegra creates vlogs about beauty, skincare and clothes, she put two videos per week on her YouTube channel. She likes to travel a lot and document the best moments from different places for her subscribers. If you are into beauty and lifestyle content you must check her vlogs.

6. Jamie Paige (476K Subscribers)


Jamie is another beauty vlogger of Canada with a huge passion for all things related to beauty. On her channel, you will find an assortment of beauty-related videos: reviews, routines, makeup tutorials, swatches, and many more. If you think you like makeup as much as her you can't afford to miss her videos.

7. Ashley Elizabeth (379K Subscribers)


Ashley is more of a lifestyle vlogger but loves to showcase various beauty hacks on her content. From the best sunscreen for oily skin to talk about sex toys, she creates content on multiple relevant topics of daily life.

8. Carly Sarah (347K Subscribers)


From her childhood she was pretty much fond of makeup and skincare, soon she started using Instagram to showcase her skills in various makeup styles. Her makeup tutorials are famous among millions of teenagers. Check here if you want to watch some entertaining beauty videos.

9. Chloe Zadori (88.7K Subscribers)


Chloe is another famous Canadian beauty vlogger that you must follow in 2022, from various makeup hacks to hairstyles and reviewing hundreds of international makeup brands you will find a lot of beauty-related content that every makeup and beauty enthusiast should admire.

10. Tony Daley (117K Subscribers)


Tony is a natural hair enthusiast, jewellery designer and artist from Toronto, she enjoys sharing all things related to beauty, fashion and related. On her YouTube channel you will find a variety of makeup and lifestyle videos, so what are you waiting for check those right now!

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Are you a beauty brand looking to revamp your brand reputation with beauty vloggers? Read this article to discover the top beauty vloggers of Canada that you must follow in 2022 and vloggers like them can help you promote your business.


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