5 Influencer Marketing Fail You Should Never Commit

Nov 26, 2021


Businesses who are looking to reach a wider audience must leverage the power of influencer marketing, which has become a popular tactic not only because it can help businesses build a positive brand image but also because of its potential to increase sales. If implemented correctly influencer marketing campaigns can provide an impressive ROI. This is the reason why nine among 10 online businesses are investing in influencer marketing.

Brands need to be extra careful while working with influencers, for a successful partnership it is important to have a clear vision and open communication. Many influencer marketing campaigns fail because of not meeting the requirements. As more brands are exploring the potential of influencer marketing it is important to proceed with some caution.

In this article, our expert influencer marketers highlighted some of the biggest influencer marketing sales from which you should learn. So if you are going to plan an influencer marketing campaign this article is a must-read for you.


List of 5 Influencer Marketing Fail Brands Should Never Commit

Influencer Marketing Fail #1: Not Following the Rules

While promoting a product both brands and influencers need to act responsibly, especially if you promote sensitive products like medicine, mental health etc. if brands do not take care of the rules and regulations they might end up losing both their time and money. While posting a sponsored post on any social media platform brands and influencers must mention the risks and benefits of the product. They also need to be mentioned any limitations associated with the product.

So before approving the influencer content check twice whether it meets up all the rules and regulations of social media marketing. Brands must remember one thing The customers are more tech-savvy than ever before, before purchasing any new product they read reviews and feedbacks minutely to make their final decision.

So, how to avoid that situation?

To avoid such circumstances to occur is important to work with authentic influencers. To be on the safe side make the influencers sign an agreement where every rule and regulation of the campaign will be mentioned clearly. Before posting on any social media platforms make sure you know the marketing rules of the platform. To be on the safe side you can seek professional guidance from an experienced influencer marketing company who will guide you throughout the process so that there will be less room for error.

Influencer Marketing Fail #2: Using poor marketing tactics

For every brand, it is important to understand its target audience based on which they should design its campaign. Since the objective of each campaign is to connect with the customers it is crucial to know what appeals to them emotionally. Needless to mention over promotion does not work in influencer marketing since customers can easily spot the difference between a genuine recommendation and a staged one.

So before a jump onto launching an influencer marketing campaign try to know your audience in-depth then tailor your campaign. You can use various influencer marketing tools to better control your campaign.


Influencer Marketing Fail #3: Copy Pasting Instructions

Influencer marketing can be tricky for many brands especially those who are applying influencer marketing for the first time. While curating the task details make sure you do not accidentally copy paste some other brands instructions because if you do so it would look like a duplicate version instead of a genuine one. Make sure you keep enough room for creativity by the influences, if you provide restricted instructions Your campaign would look monotonous instead of creative. Choose the caption very carefully so that it would resonate with your target audience. Ask your influencers to get the content approved by your team before posting so that you can double-check the quality of the content.

However, you can provide the basic instructions like what would be the tonality, what should be the timeline of posting, what hashtags are to be used, things they should strictly avoid etc. If you want less room for error gets your influencer marketing campaign idea checked by a reputed influencer marketing agency that is pro at creating various campaigns for different brands.

Influencer Marketing Fail #4: Dealing with sensitive issues

While planning the influencer marketing campaign content you have to be very careful especially if you are dealing with any sensitive issues. Remember the entire campaign would positively or negatively impact your brand image. If you talk about any negative issues it can seriously damage your brand image. So before finalising the content things from your customer’s point of view to understand how it would sound to them. If you are using any sarcastic tonality make sure your customers are able to understand it and interpret it correctly otherwise it would badly impact your brand image. Many big brands like Pepsi etc. have faced various serious issues for insensitive marketing.

Brands need to be more politically aware And conscious regarding their influencer marketing campaign content. It is always good To stand up for a social cause but only if it is done correctly. Any social media campaign that involves political or social issues should be handled carefully. After negative publicity, it would be difficult for emerging brands to get their image cleaned. So if you are a small brand looking to apply influencer marketing as a part of your branding strategy do not proceed unless you are 100% sure. It would be smarter to discuss your entire project with an experienced influencer marketing agency so that you have better control over your campaign performance.


Influencer Marketing Fail #5: Not being prepared

While planning about influencer marketing campaigns brands should not rush. Good things do not happen overnight it requires time so you have to be patient with your strategy, content, influencers, the timeline of the campaign, performance of the campaign etc. It is hard to predict the kind of response your campaign would get, but you can always prepare for a great result. Do not set unrealistic goals and Make false promises that you would not keep in the future. Do not sugarcoat your word if you are going to provide ordinary services. The best way to avoid such hassles would be to plan your influencer marketing campaign correctly. If you have promised something make sure you can keep up that because here you are dealing with peoples’ expectations.

So take time and research your buyer persona very well before proceeding with your planning. It would be great if you keep a strict eye on your competitors Because it would give you a better idea about what your target audience would like to see in your marketing campaign and how they are going to react.

What are the biggest challenges associated with influencer marketing?

With influencer marketing brands might face a few challenges, these are:

  • Partnering with the wrong influencers 

  • Poor knowledge about social media algorithms

  • Miss interpret the marketing ROI 

  • Unnecessarily spending huge money

  • Choose fit for all strategies


How to get started with influencer marketing?

If you are an emerging brand looking to get started with an influencer marketing strategy in order to increase brand awareness you need to plan a proper marketing strategy. Here are the simple steps that would help you plan a perfect strategy for your upcoming influencer marketing campaign:

  • Define your marketing goals

  • Select the right influencers for collaboration

  • Plan your content strategy very carefully

  • Launch the project

  • Track the campaign performance 

  • Learn from your mistakes

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How to ace up your influencer marketing projects?

Needless to mention influencer marketing can you help your business grow quickly, in contrast to that if implemented incorrectly it can easily ruin your brand image. So it is crucial to plan your campaign strategy in a way it can only bring good to your brand. To avoid such problems it is important to learn from others mistakes and take time before you launch your campaign. The timeline plays a crucial role in the overall success of the campaign, So make sure why are you launching a campaign there are no other events around which might overshadow the excitement of your campaign.

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Discover the five most common influences in marketing mistakes that you should never commit.


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