6 Effective Ways To Endorse Your Apparel Brand Online

Oct 22, 2021


Are you looking to promote your clothing brand online in the most creative way? Don’t know how to get started? In this article, our top online marketers will provide some tips and tricks to take your clothing brand to the next level, scroll down to discover.

Needless to mention the importance of social media marketing is known by all online businesses. If you are new in this space you already know you are not alone, there are thousands of similar business ventures around you providing the same kinds of products. Then why people would choose you over others?

These days the best way to start endorsing your clothing brand is via online marketing, especially through social media engagement. Every day more people are buying clothes online not only to save money and time but to cope up with the current safety protocols. In this situation, it is paramount for the brands to revamp their online presence to grab the attention of more customers and increase sales.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada, we have helped 50+ brands to improve their online reputation with our professional approach. Here our experienced influencer marketers highlighted some of the tips for the clothing brands who are looking to establish their reputation in this aggressive market.


6 Effective Ways To Endorse Your Clothing Brand Online

#1 – Set up a mobile-friendly website

If you want to grow your business online it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly, well-organized website that can properly navigate your customers whenever they visit it. Make it simple, full with high-resolution pictures of your products with a purchase button, make sure the purchase process is simple so that it would take seconds to complete the purchase process. Remember the website is the face of your business so make it top-notch.

Make a section for clients’ testimonials or feedback where the customers can directly submit their words about your brand. Also, add all the social media platform handles within the website so that the customers can directly check your social media activity.

# 2- Research your buyer persona

Before jump onto your social media activity, it is crucial to understand your buyer persona, what appeals to them emotionally and what they don’t want. Based on their preference you can curate your social media activity. Try to note down a few data including the age group, location, income range, fashion brands what they feel about and other details that would help you represent your products in a better way.

A well-researched buyer persona is the asset of any business especially for clothing, also try to find which time they keep active on social media so that you can run promotional ads and campaigns based on that.


#3 – Active on social media

Another secret of winning peoples’ hearts is to be active on social media platforms, after researching your buyer persona if you know on which social media platform your buyers are active on you can easily run your campaign collaterals there. Social media has great power to uplift a business so if you really want to make your mark in this over-competitive market this is your chance. Prepare your in-house team by hiring experienced professionals who will take care of your marketing or connect with a reputed influencer marketing agency who will help you curate a better marketing plan to fulfil your requirement.


#4 – Opt for cross-platform marketing

If you wish to leverage the true power of social media you must expand your social media presence. Instead of being stuck in a single platform, it would be better to diversify your profile, according to a recent report for clothing and fashion brands Instagram, TikTok and YouTube is the best platforms apart from Facebook.

If you expand your brand presence on multiple social media platforms you can connect with more people which means more chances of conversion. You can plan the entire marketing scenario by yourself or you can hire a reputed marketing company who will do that for you with better perfection.

#5 – Connect with powerful beauty & lifestyle influencers

Another way to keep your competitors at bay is to work with powerful influencers and bloggers in this niche. Connect with the best beauty and lifestyle influencers of Canada and send them your campaign proposal, while selecting the influencers make sure they resonate well with your brand and can provide impressive reach and engagement. Influencers are supposed to be backed by millions of followers and are praised among them because of their genuine recommendation and storytelling, if they recommend your brand it would instantly get a lot of exposure which would have cost a lot of time and money otherwise.

Research suggests around 78% of online customers trust influencer’s recommendations more than other forms of marketing. So if you want a futuristic marketing approach for your brand influencer marketing can be your secret weapon to solve all your marketing problems.


#6 – Run promotional activities

To pamper your audience, you can plan a lot of exciting promotional activities like a giveaway, contests, live streaming, question-answer sessions etc. You can also announce a lot of offers and discounts to keep them attached to your fashion brand this festive season. Do not design your campaign without a strong call-to-action button. Instead of telling “we are the best” or “purchase from us” tell your brand story in a way your customers can relate with it.

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Are you looking to improve your clothing brand by making it the talk of the internet? Read this article to discover some of the most effective ways to take your fashion/clothing brands to the next level.


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