Tips To Effectively Promote Baby Care Brands With Parenting Influencers

Mar 26, 2022

Table of Content

Tip 1: Finalise a good marketing strategy

Tip 2: Find out perfect social media platforms

Tip 3: Partner with the most influential moms

Tip 4: Think about affiliate marketing

Tip 5: Optimize your content

Tip 6: Build your brand through quality content

Tip 7: Leverage the power of YouTube

Tip 8: Hire an experienced influencer marketing company

Did you know over the past five years the number of Baby and kid brands have skyrocketed to thousands alone in Canada?  Needless to mention baby and parenting is one of the most competitive markets that continue to expand exponentially, according to recent research it has been found Canadian parents spend around $15,000 on their babies in the first five years which clearly shows that innovation and competition are going to rise even kore in the upcoming years.

As we continue to grow in this digital era the customers would become more tech-savvy, before purchasing any product they research about the brand, read reviews and arch how-to tutorials, check influential mothers’ recommendations to ensure their babies only get the best. With so many brands available online doing the same thing claiming to be the best it is confusing for the parents to choose the right one for their precious babies.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best marketing strategies to uplift your baby and kid brand in this competitive market.

Marketing tips for baby and kid product brands

Tip 1: Finalise a good marketing strategy

brand marketing

The first thing behind a successful marketing campaign is to plan a good marketing strategy that can emotionally appeal to your target audience so that they would get attracted to your brand. You need to know your target audience better to plan a proper marketing strategy. You can run customer surveys or send them feedback emails to understand their response towards your products.

As a leading influencer marketing company in Canada, we recommend jotting down a good marketing plan for your campaign without which you should not proceed otherwise you may end up losing both your time and resources. If you are unsure about planning a well-fitted influencer marketing strategy connect with InfluGlue and discuss your project with the team of experienced influencer marketers. They understand the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing, especially how to build a brand from the scratch by minimizing market competition, so if you partner with them you will get a proper marketing plan that would help you fulfil your marketing objectives seamlessly.

proper marketing plan

Tip 2: Find out perfect social media platforms

Before spending your resources on your branding it is important to know which social media platform to target. If you are looking to target the new parents Instagram and YouTube would be your perfect choice as they spend most of their time watching content on those platforms. Moreover, new moms seem to follow a lot of mom influencers on Instagram to be on the trend and to know which brands are providing the best products for babies. Depending on your targeted social media platform you can then finalise your marketing content for example if you are targeting Instagram to endorse your products focus on partnering with mom influencers who are a pro at making reels and IGTV videos. On the other hand, if YouTube is your targeted social media platform find out which Mommy YouTuber has the type of audience that falls in the same line as yours, ask them to create how-to tutorials so that your customers get a broad idea about the features of your products.

good marketing strategy

If you are thinking about hiring an experienced influencer marketing company of Canada to take care of your influencer marketing project let them know your targeted social media platform so that they can find mam influencers accordingly and plan their content based on your requirement.

Tip 3: Partner with the most influential moms

If you are unaware of the true power of famous mom influencers of Canada this paragraph is a must-read for you. Mom influencers are followed by thousands and millions of like-minded new moms who are sceptical about what to choose for their babies and why. So as a new brand if you want to establish a strong brand image in this competitive market you need to partner with powerful mom bloggers and influencers in Canada who would understand your marketing objectives and help you fulfilling those utilizing their influence.

most influential moms

Again choosing the right mom influencers for your project is the most important aspect of getting your job done. While providing you with the desired result those who are followed by a huge audience might help provided you have the budget. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget to get started partnering with micro-influencers would be perfect. They might be followed by lesser people but the audience is extremely uniform and engaging so from an ROI point of view you would be beneficial in more ways than one.

Don’t know where to find the most influential mom bloggers and influencers who are ready to collaborate? Simply connect with a reputed influencer marketing company in Canada like InfluGlue and access their huge influencers’ database to handpick the well-fitted content creators for your brand.

Tip 4: Think about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing if you want to sell your products through brand ambassadors. All you need to do is to find an appropriate affiliate marketing program and find proper affiliates who will endorse your product among their audience and earn a small commission whenever they can sell your products using their influence. While choosing influencers for your affiliate program make sure the influencers understand the terms and conditions of affiliate programs well. Also, discuss the commission rates with them beforehand to avoid any confusion after launching the campaign.

Tip 5: Optimize your content

Do not forget to optimize your content if you want to reach the right-minded audience. Make sure whenever they search with a specific keyword your website appears before your competitors. For that it is important to know the right keywords, follow your competitor's brand's marketing strategy to know more about it. Also, you can leverage the power of free keyword tools that would help you understand the best competitive keywords in your niche.

content marketing

Tip 6: Build your brand through quality content

Days are gone when influencer marketing used to be limited within showcasing products through influencers, now with hundreds of brands doing the same thing you need to let your creative juice flow in order to stand out and appeal to your target customers. While planning the influencer marketing campaign make sure to keep enough room for creativity by the content creators which would keep your brand content fresh and versatile so that the customers won’t feel monotonous and repetitive. Focus on telling the brand story instead of using clichéd call-to-action pitches which might sound spammy to your audience. Remember one thing videos have more power to engage your customers than images or carousel posts. If you want to be in the trend try to leverage the power of Instagram reels, IGTV videos and TikTok videos to reach potential customers.

Tip 7: Leverage the power of YouTube

baby and kid product brands

YouTube is the largest video marketing platform where millions of videos get uploaded every day. With 2 billion active users per month, YouTube continues to grow among viewers of multiple age groups. If you are not thinking about leveraging the power of YouTube clearly you are missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. If you want to provide detailed information about your products and services target YouTube, new mommies often check YouTube videos to check how-to tutorials and other videos related to the health and wellbeing of their children. For that consider partnering with powerful mommy or parenting YouTubers who are pro at creating baby and kid-related content.

Tip 8: Hire an experienced influencer marketing company

If you are unsure about the potential of your in-house marketing team instead of spending your time and resources for trial and error, you can simply connect with an experienced influencer marketing company of Canada like InfluGlue. The idea might seem costly to you but when it comes to the outcomes you would get more accurate results than expected, this is why big brands prefer to work with renowned influencer marketing agencies who understand the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing.

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Struggling to establish your baby care brand in this competitive market? Need a few heads up to cut some slack in no time? This article presents 8 effective marketing tips to endorse your baby care products among your target audience in a way to achieve your marketing objectives successfully.


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