Top Mom Influencers Of Canada To Follow Now

Jan 20, 2022

If you are interested to know how mom influencers and bloggers are creating new-age parenting content to bag hundreds of brand collaborations, you need to check this article. As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada here we have unveiled the top 10 most followed mom influencers of Canada with whom brands would love to work with, not only because they are a pro at creating awesome brand-centric content but also in inspiring thousands and millions of people for which authentic influencers are known for. Following mom influencers will provide you with a heads up regarding what’s happening around your parenting world, not only that you will also get to see which brands are offering the best services and which brands are new in the market. Scroll down to discover more! 

Who are mom influencers? 

Mom influencers are people who love creating outstanding content focused on various aspects of parenting and motherhood. They inspire many to raise their voice to ask and discuss things that they think are silly. Mom influencers are the voices of many, they are considered as experts for their skills and knowledge in their niche, they are sometimes seen endorsing various baby products and lifestyle-related products. Since they are followed by a niche audience they can convince people to change their mindset regarding their final purchase decisions. 

List of top 10 mom influencers of Canada to follow for awe-inspiring content

1. Lindsay Veling

Lindsay Veling

Lindsay is amazingly creative when it comes to curating parenting and motherhood related content, her Instagram is full of glittering pictures of her with her daughter along with various endorsement posts. She knows how to communicate with her audience to shift their mindset regarding their final purchase decision, this is the reason she is one of the top parenting influencers of Canada, follow her to discover more!

2. Kira Paran

Kira Paran

This Canadian mom influencer is an inspiration to many when it comes to sharing friendly pieces of advice. Her polite approach and excellent sense of presentation make her one of the most successful mom influencer in the country. If you are a brand looking to partner with a mom influencer who is approachable and knows the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing she or influencers like can be your perfect choice.

3. Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie

Amanda does not leave any chance to cherish various precious moments of her motherhood. She knows the struggle of new mothers and shows many ways to tackle everything with a positive overlook. Her Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of her along with her toddler. She is also seen endorsing various baby care and lifestyle brands which make her one of the most suitable mom influencers of Canada for brand collaborations.

4. Daniela Lombardi

Daniela Lombardi

Daniela is a lifestyle coach and a top mom influencer of Canada, she is also a professional writer. She is followed by a uniform audience this is she is seen to promote various lifestyle and baby products brands on her profile. Unlike other mom influencers, she doesn’t only talk about motherhood and parenting, instead, she shows how to spend quality time with yourself and your partner and how to focus on your work after having your child. She loves documenting every angle of her through perfect pictures.

5. Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter

Bree is another popular mom influencer of Canada on our list who is seen posting various pictures on Instagram with her daughter.  She is a professional fitness trainer, if you are looking to uplift your fitness quotient you can follow this mom influencer.

6. Brenda Kukucka Raftl

Brenda Kukucka Raftl

Brenda is extremely vocal about her and experiences during pregnancy and after giving birth to her child. She understands the struggles of a mother-to-be and shares small and friendly pieces of advice to generate awareness and increase the confidence of those who need it. Her different approach towards parenting and state of the art content creation skills makes her one of the most influential moms on our list. She has always been honest and transparent when it comes to her life which encourages a lot of people from the mom community to talk about things people might find silly. If you read her posts followed by the comments you will understand how well she is connected with her followers, exactly the way an influencer does.

7. Vaughanmoms


This Toronto based mom influencer loves documenting her life and sharing those on Instagram. Apart from creating content on parenting and motherhood she also creates beauty, fashion and lifestyle-related content. To know more check her on Instagram.

8. Thanh


Thabh loves capturing the beauty of her life together with her family members, this mom influencer of Canada loves exploring various parts of the world with her children. If you follow her on Instagram you will find her giving travel tips that involve family members as well as children of different ages.

9. Codi Lyn

Codi Lyn

Codi is a super mom of three followed by a huge audience on Instagram, she loves sharing various precious moments of her life with her followers. As a mom influencer, she knows how to make the most out of every influencer marketing campaign which is the reason brands love to work with mom influencers like her.

10. Ms Lyndsay M

Ms Lyndsay M

Lyndsay is a body positive advocate apart from being a mom influencer of Canada, she loves speaking about how to become fit and flaunt without being ashamed of your appearance. After having a child many struggles to get their confidence back, Lyndsay is the voice for those. If you are a plus-size mom looking for real inspiration to uplift your style quotient and to get friendly pieces of advice on various topics of parenting and the struggles of motherhood you must follow her.

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Discovered the top mom influencers of Canada Who are constantly breaking stereotypes and inspiring people regarding various aspects of parenting and motherhood. They are also known to create state of the art brand promotion campaigns, read the article for more details.


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