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Oct 07, 2021


Are you looking to elevate your small business today? Don’t know how to get started? Then it’s time to think seriously about video marketing which has a great potential to attract new customers and pamper the existing ones by providing a means of entertainment and information. What comes to your mind while thinking about video marketing? Scriptwriter, film crew, actors, editors etc.? Don’t worry video marketing is tricky but not impossible to achieve. Here is everything you need to know about how to get started with video marketing.


Why videos are so important?

Videos are composed of movements, drama, action and other elements that provide an emotional experience that has a great power to hold customers to the content. This is why big brands invest both time and money in creating brand-centric videos that tell a story to their customers and provide them more reason to choose the brand over others in the market.

Research suggests 49% of people watch at least 5 videos per day. What does that mean? Next-gen people are hungry for content especially for videos because they want to digest as much information as possible without investing more time.

Tips to build a powerful video marketing strategy

So how do you build a solid video marketing strategy? Read the article till the end to find all the necessary information you need to know to get started with video marketing for your business.


1. Tell your story in an introductory video

As a small business if you want your customers to value your ethics you should let them know your story. So introduce yourself properly, add some points like what is your inspiration behind starting the business, what you are looking to offer the customers, how you are different from other brands etc. Upload the introductory video on various social media platforms like on your Facebook, YouTube and Instagram page together with the website.

You can create an online video to answer frequently asked questions about your business, or myth vs truth, or share a behind-the-scene look to illuminate your brand’s story creatively. To attract more viewers, you can provide solution to a problem related to your niche which reflects your skills and knowledge in the particular sector.


2. Leverage the power of customer testimonial videos

If you are a small brand looking to make a real difference in your field focus on getting user-generated content i.e. customer testimonials. It should come after your introductory videos, invite your customers to create a testimonial video, remember you have to be very gentle so check your tonality while asking for testimonials. To make the process smooth you can offer some rewards so that they would get encouraged to give their testimonials and you can ask your team to shoot it.

Try to develop unique content that does not focus on sales only. Videos can be shot at home or can be screen recorder over video call so that it looks like real and not staged. If you have a book where your visitors write their experience with your brand, you can shot a video to reading those comments/feedbacks loud and thanks each of them to provide such honest reviews.

3. Showcase your team through a video

Video marketing has more benefits than one, you can let your creative juice flowing while planning for your video marketing strategy. Here is another idea, create compelling video content by showcasing your valuable employees that involve in your company’s team. People love to see how you treat your own people based on which they would judge your business and your commitment. Do not directly feature any products in such videos, focus on your employees working and enjoying the environment your company is providing.

You can shoot such videos on a festive season or a special day, for example, the birthday or anniversary of the company. You can also create tutorials using your internal experts to generate awareness video content. You can ask your video marketing team to create video blogs of daily operations, how they handle regular jobs, how they interact with customers, what is new that you are going to launch etc.

While creating the videos make sure they are short, to the point and entertaining so that your customers feel more connected to them. If you showcase your work culture it would attract more customers to your brand and would establish trust for your brand.


4. Encourage viewers to share the videos

Did you know more than 68% of people learn via different visual means, so creating short and compelling videos focused on your products and services would be great to capture your viewers’ attention?

Focus on creating short and to the point videos and which resonates with the viewers so that when people scroll down stop to see your video and find it worth sharing on their wall. Bite-sized videos are a great way to bind your viewers with your video content. So, if you are a brand on a tight budget you can easily use this approach to video marketing.

In these videos, you can easily showcase your products with moving elements like glittering texts and graphics. If Instagram is your target social media platform focus on creating reels and provide a glimpse of your videos on story, do not forget to add a swipe-up button so that interested viewers can be redirected to your app or website.

5. Utilize user-generated content for video ads

If you are planning to run a video marketing campaign on your favourite social media platform one of the most creative and affordable ones would be to leverage the power of user-generated content. For example, if you have testimonials or videos of influencers recommending your products or services you must use those since those will look genuine. As a brand, you must keep one thing in mind that your users can easily spot the difference between a genuine recommendation and a staged one so make sure the video you are creating resonates well with your customers.

Here are some tips on how you can do the same:

  • Ask your customers to share their stories with your product in the forms of short videos 
  • Use online software to customize your content with video templates so that the video would look charming and more acceptable to your viewers. 
  • Highlight the key features of your products and services 
  • Add a strong call-to-action (CTA) button or “swipe up” link so that the interested audience can learn more about your business. 


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6. Partner with powerful influencers

If you don’t have video content generated by users leverage the power of influencers to promote your business. Hire the most influential content creators whose followers are in the same line as your target customers.

If you wish to focus on word-of-mouth marketing this should be your chance to achieve those marketing goals through influencers. If you want to target YouTube as your promotional platform find popular YouTubers with a lot of subscribers so that when they recommend your business you would get instant exposure.

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