5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes Brands Must Avoid In 2023

Nov 04, 2022

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List of 5 influencer marketing mistakes brands need to avoid

#Mistake 1: Only partnering with selected influencers with a higher number of followers

#Mistake 2: Not focusing on the right strategy

#Mistake 3: Not keeping enough creative space for the creators

#Mistake 4: Only focusing on a single platform to endorse your products

#Mistake 5: Creating only sales-oriented posts

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2023 is approaching and influencer marketing is not showing any sign to go away. Rather, it seems this will be more effective in the upcoming years as brands are planning to spend more than 68% of their marketing budget on influencer advertising. If you are one of those brands looking to invest more in this marketing approach in 2023 this article is a must-read for you.

It's more difficult than ever to compete for your audience's attention share on social media. You are up against viral content creators in addition to competing with other brands' sponsored pieces. Many businesses collaborate with content creators and influencers in order to extend their reach and stay competitive. Success with this approach, though, only comes from understanding what works and what doesn't. Here our experts have highlighted 5 major mistakes that businesses should not commit while leveraging the power of influencer marketing to achieve their business objectives.

List of 5 influencer marketing mistakes brands need to avoid

#Mistake 1: Only partnering with selected influencers with a higher number of followers

higher number of followers

One of the worth-mentioning mistakes that brands do in case of influencer marketing is to choose influencers with a huge number of followers. You might think what’s wrong with a higher number of followers, rather the higher the better! There you need to think twice because a large following does not always guarantee a high engagement rate. Partnering with influencers that have fewer followers but higher engagement is preferable.

When selecting creators, consider the quality of their content more than anything. You may consider choosing micro-influencers who, despite having a smaller number of followers, are creating high-quality, engaging material. Putting more emphasis on quality than quantity will help you elicit a response from your audience.

Influencers with more popularity and more number of followers might be difficult to reach out to. Additionally, working with well-known influencers might be just as expensive as working with a celebrity. You can reduce costs by collaborating with micro and nano influencers. You can actually collaborate with influencers from different tiers at once if you have the funding for it.

Collaboration with influencers who only has a limited number of followers benefits both sides. They will not only provide you with a better reach and engagement but you can also compensate them with goodies, coupons, or in exchange for products, i e barter if not cash always.

#2: Not focusing on the right strategy

right strategy

Nowadays most of the social media platforms are embracing video content. Businesses who choose influencer marketing must make use of updated and tending features to expand the effectiveness of their approach. For instance, your strategy should include space for Instagram stories and Reels if you want to design an Instagram marketing campaign.

These features must be part of your content strategy because your audience uses them frequently! Additionally, if your brand isn't dynamic enough, it can miss out on some potential customers.

Moreover, you have even more reason to adapt your content strategies if your rivals are actively collecting content to stay competitive. One of the most typical influencer marketing mistakes is posting only attractive photos and expecting huge returns. The overall strategy must convey a message to your target audience instead of just trying to sell the products through influencers.

#3: Not keeping enough creative space for the creators

creative space

Brands must acknowledge that influencers are essentially content creators. Brand managers need to offer them some room to inject their personality into the campaign rather than overburdening them with strict information.

Influencers are skilled practitioners in their fields. They provide content of excellent quality that can get a lot of engagement. You can't make the campaign instructions too detailed when you collaborate with an influencer. It's crucial to provide a campaign message to them. However, if you give them too detailed directions, they will create content of poor quality. That means it would look more staged and not organic.

If the influencer tries to live up to your expectations, they will lose their own style and voice. The best outcomes won't be achieved if you make them follow the rules strictly. Specify the parameters and the essential deliverables. Beyond that, let them handle it. You may best utilise their content creation abilities by allowing them to leverage their creativity.

#4: Only focusing on a single platform to endorse your products

endorse your products

Selection of the right social media platform to promote your business is extremely crucial to get maximum success from influencer marketing. For that brands need to know on which platform their target audience spends most of their time. Nowadays, brands mainly use Instagram as the primary platform for their influencer marketing initiatives. This is a typical influencer marketing mistake.

Although Instagram is unquestionably the most popular site for influencer marketing, other channels can also help you achieve your goals. Your influencer marketing approach may not be very effective if you concentrate on only one platform. Influencers that work with brands and are active across various channels are another option. Additionally, it will enable you to discover fresh audiences who can be your potential customers.

#5: Creating only sales-oriented posts

sales-oriented posts

One of the biggest influencer marketing mistakes in 2023 is trying too hard to sell on social media. Brands need to understand that their target audiences are actively involved in their marketing and not just passive observers.

Keep your posts from being all about your offerings. Instead, make an effort to inform the audience about your speciality by sharing advice, conducting Q&A sessions with professionals in the field, etc. This will not only broaden your audience but also enhance the perception of your brand.

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Read this article to discover the top 5 influencer marketing mistakes brands must avoid in 2023.


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