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Oct 01, 2021


As Halloween approaches brands are getting ready with their influencer marketing Halloween campaign ideas to endorse their products in relevant ways to appeal to their customers emotionally. The main focus is to highlight the product features in a way it encourages people to purchase your products so that your ROI will increase.

The latest research shows that most people purchase their Halloween products and services by getting inspired by influencers’ recommendations on their favourite social media platforms. This means influencer marketing is on the top priority list for most of the brands and how are looking to make real changes in their revenue this Halloween.

10 Ideas to Create a Great Influencer Marketing Halloween Campaign

As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada here, our influencer marketers highlighted a few tips that may help kick start activations for your products and services this Halloween. From generating maximum buzz to create brand awareness for driving sales, the main objective is to focus on tactics that improve the face value of your business.

1. Product focused blogs

Blogs are extremely informative as they provide all the necessary information to your customers about your products and services. So, this Halloween if you are looking to increase traction you must leverage the power of blog posts and share them on social media. But how to get started? Find some of the most influential bloggers in your niche, ask them to write a few words (700 to 1000) about your targeted products or services (focus on the long tail and short tail keywords). Ask them to share the blog link on their social media so that it would get maximum visibility, make it interesting in a way the readers would love to share them.


Write about your own personal experience to give it a personal touch, besides blogs would get traffic to your website that you would not get otherwise. Relevant blogs can attract traffic from a whole new audience and some of them can be your potential customers.

2. Facebook Campaigns

If you want to connect with your local audience through social media go for Facebook ad campaigns. No matter your business niche you would always get multiple benefits from running campaigns on Facebook around Halloween. Choose an influencer community that resonates well with your brand and ask them to share content focused on your brand. To make it more appealing combine it with a personal touch, tell your audience a story with which they can easily relate.


The distribution of influencer content will help you find the right viewers. Facebook gives more features than one to customise your ad and choose the demographic among which you would want to distribute your content. The best part of running Facebook campaigns is you can choose your own budget and manage the campaign performance which would give you a proper idea about how your campaign has performed.

So this Halloween you can run influencer marketing campaigns around Facebook with just a click. If you don’t know how to select influencers or how to set up the ad campaign to get the most of it you can hire an experienced influencer marketing company who would take care of all your campaign requirement so that you can simply sit down and enjoy the influence.

3. Instagram Campaigns

If you are looking to create a viral campaign go for Instagram marketing which is the most favourite social media platform of the millennials. You can run promotional campaigns like giveaways, contests, live sessions, hashtag marketing, story challenge and many more with the updated features of Instagram. It is a great way to build brand awareness, the best part is on Instagram you can connect with hundreds of influencers from your targeted niche and run influencer marketing campaigns to improve your sales this Halloween.


Do you know contests on Instagram encourages followers to follow the brands and respond to the questions or to participate by tagging friends? You can even ask to fill a form to enter a contest which is great to get the mail ids of the participants. With the personal touch of the influencers, you can connect with the consumers.

4. Live Streaming

Another great Halloween influencer marketing idea is live streaming; on YouTube, you will find hundreds of Halloween makeup tutorials which mean people tend to be more active around that time. So you can think of connecting with a few most popular YouTubers who would make tutorial videos highlighting the main features of your products and services. Ask them to disclose about your upcoming Halloween offers, discounts etc. to make the campaign more interesting.


Such activation would drove great brand awareness and create a buzz among your target audience. In other words, it would open a whole lot of opportunities to your potential customers. Research suggests videos have more conversion potential power than static posts this is why most brands opting for live streaming around Halloween.

5. Virtual Live Events

These days virtual live events are gaining more popularity especially when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. So, if you are planning to launch any product this Halloween turn that event into a virtual Halloween party which would give your audience more reason to connect with your brand.


Thanks to zoom organizing such live events are easier than ever before, so decide a theme and quickly work on your campaign content, if you think this is too much for you connect with a reputed influencer marketing company who would help you design the campaign according to your requirement.

6. Pinterest Campaigns


You can create a Pinterest board to make your Halloween campaign more fun where followers could pin their Halloween posts relevant to your brand. When they did so they will get a chance to be featured on the brand’s page. Through such a Pinterest campaign brands would get huge followers.

7. YouTube Campaigns

If you are thinking about running video campaigns this Halloween considers YouTube campaigns. You can either upload videos on the brand’s YouTube channel or hire YouTubers to do the same. This online video platform has countless opportunities for brands who are looking to get maximum engagement o boost sales. YouTube has around two billion monthly active users worldwide so if you run an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube you would get enormous visibility.


If you don’t have a YouTube channel you must create one soon and start learning your audience so that you can create campaign content that they find relevant. If you struggle to find relevant YouTubers connect with an influencer marketing company that has an enormous database of bloggers, influencers and YouTubers among which you can select the ones relevant to your campaign.

8. Twitter Campaigns

Twitter is a great social media platform that allows you to create, publish and distribute content for your buyer persona. This Halloween if you want to make a real difference in influencer marketing campaign strategy you must leverage the power of the platform. If planned correctly it can attract new followers, leads, boost conversations, improve brand awareness and thereby increase sales.


Here also you need to research your buyer persona to create unique and engaging content. You can organize a schedule for the post to save time on micromanaging the campaign. Twitter allows you to expand your reach and provide quick customer service and support. You can showcase the latest updates of your company and address the queries of your audience at the same time. If you want to form a long-term relationship with your customers Twitter is the ideal platform for you.

9. Snapchat Campaigns

Snapchat is fun and easy to use that is why people love using this platform and brands are investing more for campaigns. You can connect with your favourite influencers to make a limited edition offers through exciting filters. Such activation will help connect with more people among which a lot of can be your prospective customers.

10. LinkedIn Campaigns


If you are focusing on B2B lead generation through your Halloween influencer marketing campaign go for LinkedIn marketing. It would allow you to reach your customers on the world’s largest professional network. Here you can promote your organization’s content with personalised messages together with executive assets.

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Few Words Before Summing Up

As Halloween is approaching soon brands are getting ready with new marketing ideas to get connect with their customers. Days are gone for flat marketing lines like “purchase from us” or “we are the best” now people want to know your brand story. If you are busy with your business and need professional help with your Halloween influencer marketing campaign connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing company in Canada with years of experience in dealing with various influencer marketing projects.

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