InfluGlue: How to Revamp Your Hashtag Marketing Strategy?

Aug 27, 2021


The concept of the hashtag was introduced in 2007 by the microblogging platform Twitter. Now over a decade later it has become a symbol of social media activities and adopted by almost all social media platforms. In the digital era, hashtags are considered fundamental that provide a greater reach to your content. On Instagram like profiles, people can follow hashtags to see what is happening around them. If you are a social media user you can not miss hashtags because those are extremely trending. This is the reason brands are investing both time and money to strengthen their hashtag marketing strategy.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada, we have planned hashtag marketing campaigns for various brands and here we will highlight some of the tips and tricks to take your hashtag marketing strategy to the next level.

“Hashtags help your content stand out”

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are nothing but keywords marked with a pound symbol (#) in the beginning. Tagging keywords with this symbol helps people find the content they are looking for on a particular social media platform.

What is hashtag marketing?

If placed correctly hashtags can make your content viral, this is the reason seven out of ten brands are seriously thinking about uplifting their marketing strategy through hashtags. Using the right hashtags can increase the reach of your posts. Moreover, it keeps you trendy and you can start your own hashtags anytime. So if you are interested in starting a new trend hashtags can be your secret winning weapon.

Hashtags are one of the buzzwords in today's social media marketing strategy. It allows you to connect with the right-minded audience which means you can improve both you're rich and engagement with your hashtag marketing strategy.


How does hashtag marketing works?

How does hashtag marketing works?

You can use existing popular hashtags or create new ones to make the most out of your hashtag marketing strategy. Hashtags can be categorised as follows

Popular hashtags

Search hashtags have a large rich but will put your content in competition in the bigger scenario. Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are about topics that are relevant in recent times.

Newly created hashtags

As the name suggests newly created hashtags are comparatively new and can be created by any brand or influencers.


For brands who are looking to make a real difference in this aggressive market, hashtag marketing has become an important part of social media marketing strategies. It can be used across multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

If you are looking for a hash tag marketing strategy make sure you keep in mind your marketing requirement. Make a list of the keywords relevant to your business, search for any existing hashtags with the same keyword and how they are performing on your desired social media platform let your marketing expert evaluate the potential of the hashtags that you have chosen.

If you think this research is extremely time-taking and your in house marketing team is not ready for that connect with the reputed influencer marketing company in Canada who will help you with the right hashtag marketing strategy. Different types of hashtags are used to achieve different marketing goals later in this article we have showcased some of the examples of hashtag marketing hope that would help you understand better how to get started with hashtag marketing.


Examples of hashtag marketing

To put it simply here we will highlight some of the hashtag marketing examples buy big brands.

Example 1

#TheNextGalaxy by Samsung

In 2016 Samsung has created its own hashtags using the names of its newly launched products. Twitter was their targeted social media platform. For this hashtag marketing campaign that shows the product called Samsung Galaxy S7 and uses the hashtag the #TheNextGalaxy. The main objective behind this hashtag campaign was to increase user interaction and encourage communication about the new product and ultimately boost brand visibility. They encouraged every buyer to use this hashtag while posting their products on social media platforms. Soon the Hashtag trend went beyond Twitter and started to flood on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc.

Example 2

#ShareACoke by Coca Cola

This campaign is one of the most successful marketing strategies planned by Coca Cola so far. Every brand that is looking for hashtag marketing must learn from them. This beverage manufacturing company have printed around 250 popular first names on the labels of its bottles. The main objective was to encourage the customers to look for familiar names either of their own or their friends or family members and share the drink with them first stop Coca Cola was focused on building a community by personalising their product needless to mention this was a huge success.

You can learn hundreds of successful hashtag marketing stories from big brands as well as emerging ones. If you are looking to have 1 for your own brand it is best to begin the research.

Example 3

#NationalFriedChickenDay by KFC

This hashtag was basically started by the KFC lovers and not by the company, thousands of food enthusiasts wanted to dedicate a single day to fried chicken. But the best part is KFC took this opportunity to make it a trend, KFC soon realised the potential of the hashtag and ran a promotional campaign around it. As KFC started showing interest in the hashtag more people begin to see and use it on Twitter. That’s how KFC have used an already existing hashtag to improve their brand image.


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How influencers can help you reach your hashtag marketing goals?

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to execute #MarketingCampaign.Choose influencers who are not only backed by a higher number of audience but also maintain an impressive reach and engagement throughout their content. If those influences post your brand content along with your selected hashtag there will be greater chances of visibility.

Influencers are considered trendsetters this is the reason why eight among ten brands are looking to invest in influencer marketing strategy in one way or the other. Choose influencers who genuinely believe in your brand, make sure they resonate well with your brand message then the campaign will have a greater chance of success.

If you are struggling to spot the right influences for your brand campaign don't worry, connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing company in Canada with years of relevant experience in handling various aspects of influencer marketing strategy including hashtag marketing for multiple brands from small to big.

Partner with influencers who are easy to communicate with, you might need to keep I touch her while launching the campaign. If anything goes wrong in between you must be able to connect with the influencers to make it right.

Looking for hashtag marketing?

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How InfluGlue can help?

InfluGlue is the top influencer marketing agency in Canada with expertise in influencer advertising. They have the largest database of influencers, bloggers, industry experts, and other content creators from the various niche. If you are struggling with your hashtag marketing connect with them and discuss your project with experienced influencer marketers. After evaluating your project requirement they will suggest the best in class hashtag marketing strategy to boost your ROI.

You can either work with your desired influences or choose from their huge database. Another best part of working with InfluGlue is they will customise your package as per your project requirement, so don’t worry about getting a hole in your pocket.


Are you worried about hashtag marketing? Don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry, relax! Read this article to discover how to come up with the best competitive hashtags to stand out in this crowd.


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