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Nov 11, 2021


Are you wondering how your hotel business can benefit from influencer marketing? You would be glad to know influencer advertising can help you achieve your multiple marketing goals creatively. Using influencers to endorse your hotel would not only help you in lead generation but make your brand trusted in front of your target audience. If you are looking for positive brand awareness hiring influencers who resonates well with your business would be the smartest thing to do.

The pandemic has shaken the hospitality industry badly. Businesses that have experienced a great loss has become sceptical in spending money on marketing efforts. Brands needed to reframe and adapt smarter digital marketing strategies in order to compete more effectively. As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada here we have highlighted some of the most effective ways through which hospitality businesses can leverage the power of influencer marketing and get the most out of it. If you are a hospitality business owner looking to revamp your brand reputation, this article is a must-read for you. Scroll down to discover.


Influencers for hospitality marketing

Modern hospitality marketing includes influencers to endorse their products and services from the past few years. Needless to mention content creators has helped hotels and travel businesses to attract more potential customers from the target audience. The pandemic has made it very obvious for the hospitality industry to push their limit in terms of marketing, now traditional marketing and word of mouth is not enough to stay on top of this business, it requires much more.

No doubt today’s influencers are able to deliver their personal experiences in a way it arouses curiosity and interest among many to explore the place or a particular destination. They deliver invaluable experiences to the customers, this is the reason why brands love to work with powerful travel influences that provide them with genuine results. The hospitality industry is looking to hire those influencers who can build personal connections with the audience. Because of their creative skill and industry knowledge, they are considered experts in their particular niche.


Benefits of using influencer marketing for the hospitality industry

If done correctly as a marketing influencer marketing can be a game-changer not only for the hospitality industry but for other business sectors as well. If you take the right approach and partner with the right influences meeting your marketing goals would just be a matter of time. Here are some benefits of influencer marketing that hospitality businesses can expect.

1. Spread positive brand awareness

New age customers are smarter before purchasing anything they prefer to read reviews, feedbacks, watch how-to videos to get a broad idea about it. In this scenario, if you want your customers to purchase and re-purchase from your brand you need to spread positive awareness about your products and services. The more your audience will know about your business the more they would trust you. An authentic influencer can provide a detailed insight into your product to your potential customers.

Influencers are followed by thousands and millions of followers or shared the same interest. When they recommend your brand it would get instant visibility to buy a lot of potential customers. They have a huge potential to shift people’s mindset towards their final purchasing decision. So if a powerful influencer says something positive about your product people who used to be sceptical about your brand will surely think of purchasing at least ones from you, that’s the beauty of working with influencers.


So if you want your viewers to know your brand better you must think of partnering with famous influencers in your niche. Start by searching on your favourite social media platform to know which influencers are performing well and who is suitable for your project. If you are struggling to find them on your own simply connect with a reputed influencer marketing company that would do the same for you.

2. Create a uniform audience

If you want to boost your sales you need to connect with the right-minded audience but how do you know where to find your target audience? Here come the influencers who are backed by a huge uninformed audience, not only that they maintain a close relationship with their followers since they helped them grow over the years. Hospitality marketing strategy is all about appealing to the audience with the right strategy by providing some out of the box experience.


The right influencers must match both the value of your brand together with the values of your target audience. Working with travel influencers means you are presenting your brand in front of an already established audience which means more chances of conversion. This approach can save put your time and money by winning credibility with your target audience. Your objective should be to win thousands of hearts by helping them choose their next gateway destination. For that, you must emphasize the main USPS of your hospitality business, feature those that make your brand separate from others. So be careful while finalising your campaign content, you can also hire a professional influencer marketing company who will help you fine-tune your content for your upcoming content.

3. Add authority and trust factors

The best influencers are those who provide authentic information to their audience, they must be able to tell the story of the brand creatively. People trust influencers’ recommendations because they believe they have wider experience and a better understanding of their niche. They consider travel influencers as professional hotel reviewers that is why renowned hotels prefer to partner with reputed travel and lifestyle influencer are in line with the brand. For this influencer marketing actively helps in building the trust and authority of your brand.

Choose influencers who have similar working experience so that the audience would trust their recommendations.

4. Cost-effective and time-saving

Working with real People who are considered industry experts is a great approach to take your brand to another level. The best part of influencer marketing is you can customise your package according to your budget and project requirements. If you have a tight budget you can consider working with micro travel influencers who will charge way lesser than mega or celebrity travel influencers. If you want enormous reach and engagement for your hospitality brand you can certainly consider hiring a couple of celebrity travel influencers who would not fail to provide the type of engagement you are looking for.

When renowned influences would talk about your brand and say positive words instantly your brand would get a lot of visibility that would have cost millions of dollars otherwise. And we cannot forget about the timeline it would require to achieve such height. So if you are interested to save both of your time and money go for influencer marketing without giving it a second thought.


5. Stay on top of the trend

Hotel marketing strategy is a lot more creative than promoting other sectors of business. In order to get engaging and inspiring content that appeals to the customers to visit your hotel, you need to go creative with your attempt. Partner with influencers who understand what you are looking for from them. For hotel businesses, it is very challenging to come up with fresh content that their audience would like.

Travel influencers are known for their skills and recommendations when it comes to hotel marketing. They know how to twist their content in a way people would appreciate. They know what style of photography, language and video is good to impress their audience since they have a deep understanding of it. So leveraging their creative Expertise would be rewarding for brands who are looking to connect with similar-minded audiences to boost their sales. You would not only get more engagement but it would cost you lesser time and money compared to other forms of online marketing.

Research suggests 83% of online customers you some kind of do not disturb services that prevent the digital ads to pop up on their mobile screen. So even if you spend a lot of money on digital ads You cannot be sure whether your brand ad will reach your target audience. In this situation, influencer marketing seems one of the most rational ways to endorse your brand in order to reach the right-minded customers. So if you want to keep your competitors at bay think of investing in influencer marketing.


Which influencers are suitable to endorse hospitality businesses?

If you want your hospitality business to reach new heights with influencer marketing partner with popular travel influencers who is followers are in the same line with your target audience. Choose influencers who are not only followed by thousands and millions of followers but also provide good engagement and reach. Do not forget to check their previous work experience to know how it would go with your brand. Sometimes having followed by millions of followers is not enough to make sure the influencer understand his or her role in the campaign. Try to send them a campaign proposal over email and if acknowledged make them sign an influencer agreement where everything would be mentioned clearly regarding the campaign from the brand’s and influencer’s side. Make sure the influencer is authentic and not fake!

To be on the safe side you can simply hire an influencer marketing company that would help you selecting proper influencers who would resonate well with your brand.

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Discover how hospitality businesses can leverage the power of influencer marketing to achieve their marketing agenda that can boost sales and provide other benefits.


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