5 Most Effective Influencer Advertising Ideas With Examples

Apr 11, 2022

Table of Content

  1. Sponsored content for social media
  2. Giveaways
  3. Sponsored blogs
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Long term partnerships

Did you know more than 76% of marketers are planning to double their influencer marketing budget by the end of 2024? Why do you think brands are looking to partner with popular influencers to endorse their products?

This is because online customers trust influencers' recommendations more than any other form of advertisement. So if you partner with trusted influencers to promote your brand you can get connected with people who will be your loyal customers.

Today influencer marketing is not only confined to showcasing your products through influencers and asking their followers to purchase because it is the best. The competition of being creative is higher than ever before, with so many brands partnering with the same influencers promoting their products in the same way and of course claiming to provide the best don’t you think it is difficult for the customers to pick the right one?

If you want to stand out by minimising your competition you need to let your creative juices flow. For that, a great marketing strategy is required along with relevant quality content that would appeal to your target customers.

As a leading influencer marketing company in Canada InfluGlue is committed to connecting brands with proper influencers in order to fulfil their business objectives as creatively as possible. In this article, we are going to unveil the top five most effective influencer collaboration ideas along with examples so that you can plan the best strategy for your brand.

List of top five most effective influencer collaboration ideas to get the most out of your campaign

1. Sponsored content for social media

One of the most common and effective types of influencer collaboration is sponsored brand content on your targeted social media platform. Your shortlisted influencers create social media posts to promote your products on their accounts.

Sponsored content

How it will be helpful for your business?

Through the sponsored posts you can ask the influencers to follow your content guidelines so they would understand what you are looking for from them in order to meet your business objectives. They will create content based on your requirements, however, you should check the quality of the content before final posting on social media.

When sponsored content gets posted on social media platforms through influencers’ profiles you can easily reach thousands of potential customers.

If you are planning to do so remember to ask the influencers to disclose your partnership details so that everything would be transparent between the brand and influencers along with the viewers.

2. Giveaways

Another great influencer collaboration idea is to host giveaways that would attract a lot of new customers to your social media business page. To get the most out of your giveaway campaigns focus on providing proper instructions to the influencers who will post that giveaway on their account and encourage their followers to complete the tasks accordingly. It is important to review your business objectives before you think about planning a giveaway because without a proper plan it may drain all your energy along with time and resources.

great influencer collaboration idea

How it will be helpful for your business?

  • Expand your network

Running a giveaway can provide a lot of new followers to your social media business page among which many can be your potential customer.

  • Generate more leads

Running a giveaway means not only increasing your followers but also increasing sales. If you can get e-mail lists of the participants it would be great because you can now directly communicate with them by sending newsletters along with other offers and product information.

  • Save money

Giveaways are one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with people and generate more followers. Depending on your budget you can choose the gift(s) and the influencer(s).

  • Get genuine feedback

When you sell products for the first time it is important to get genuine feedback from your customers so that you can improve both your products and services accordingly. Through giveaways when people receive your products you can ask them about their feedback not only that you can also convince them to submit those on your app or business page.

3. Sponsored blogs

You can partner with your niche influencers who are popular for their blogs and ask them to talk about your products within those. They will share all the details including how to use it, the benefits of using it and many more so that your customers will come to know about its main USPs before buying. Sponsored blogs are considered one of the most effective and cost-effective ways of getting connected with the target customers and convincing them to purchase a brand’s product.

sponsored blogs

Benefits of sponsored blogs for businesses:

  • Lead to more sales
  • More trustworthy
  • Attract customers from a vast demographic
  • Better product awareness
  • Higher engagement rate

If you are thinking about investing in sponsored blog posts partner with bloggers who have higher DA values along with more monthly readers so that you can get the most out of your collaboration.

4. Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most genuine and effective forms of influencer collaboration through which you can get your products to sell to new sets of customers and the affiliates will earn a small commission free for every successful sale. For that, you can either sign up to some affiliate network or design your own affiliate program and ask people to join.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

There are many advantages of affiliate marketing especially when you are thinking about influencer collaboration, some of them are;

  • A cost-effective way of increasing sales for both start-ups and bog brands.
  • Low-risk approach
  • Can connect with target customers
  • Flexible option, depending on your marketing budget you can make it smaller or bigger
  • Guarantee a higher ROI

5. Long term partnerships

Influencer marketing is no more restricted to only showing off your products with influencers and asking the followers to purchase them for one time. Now big brands are you looking to partner with powerful influencers for the long term because it helps them to connect and better understand their target audience.

sponsored advertising ideas

Advantages of long-term influencer partnerships

  • Stronger and more genuine relationships both with influencers and customers.
  • More precise planning
  • Flexible timeline
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Clearly defined contracts
  • Creative freedom for the content creators

Not convinced yet? Well, the list is quite long especially for the long term influencer partnerships, to know more you can connect with an experienced influencer marketing company in Canada like InfluGlue and discuss your project.

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