Who Are Nano Influencers? Why Do You Care About Them?

Sep 17, 2021


Are you a brand looking to partner with influencers for your upcoming product marketing campaign, but don’t know which kind of influence would suit your business the most? Don’t worry we are here to help.

Keep reading this article if:

  • You are an emerging brand 
  • Looking for affordable influencer advertising options 
  • Looking to uplift the face of your business 
  • A big brand looking to make a real difference in this competitive market
  • Looking to start hashtag marketing 
  • Looking to get higher ROI 
  • Want to stand for a social cause 
  • Try to set a trend in your niche 
  • Serious about getting connected with your customer on a personal level 
  • Want engagement and reach after all 

Now if you are still reading this article we can assume you fall somewhat between the above category. We know that the cost of hiring mega and celebrity influencers are extremely high that a small can hardly imagine, but influencer marketing is not all about getting a high standard influencer to endorse your product. It is about creating an effective, genuine, and positive image about your brand by leveraging the power of traditional influencer marketing, sounds interesting? Yes, you got us right we are talking about nano influencers and who are genuinely passionate about influencing and follow their heart above all.

In this article, we will discuss who nano influencers are and why you should care about them. Scroll down to discover.

Who are nano influencers?

Nano influencers are people who have 1000 to 10,000 followers. They don’t maintain a theme throughout their profile but are extremely active on social media. They know more than 60% of their audience and regularly interact with them, this is the reason they maintain a great engagement to all of their posts. They are more like everyday social media users, the majority of their posts are about their friends, family and their hobbies.


Why brands should work with nano influencers?

If you are a brand looking to create a buzz in the market you must consider working with nano influencers for the following reasons.

Most influential

Nano influencers are considered one of the most influential people when it comes to purchasing decisions. They are extremely vocal about their likings and dislikes on social media. If they like using any product their will spread positive words about it to their friends and family. They work with brands for endorsement projects only if they like the product or believe in the brand. According to more than 60% of respondents reviews from friends and family help them to shape their purchase decisions compared to 23% for mega and celebrity influencers.


Nano influencers are not always get paid for their reviews, as we have mentioned earlier they showcase and recommend products if they genuinely like them. So brands who are looking for barter collaboration or a more cost-effective approach to endorse their products should consider working with a hundred nano influencers who are authentic and genuine. Brands can simply give away some freebies to the nano influencers to showcase the product and publish authentic content about it.

Easy to communicate

Nano influencers are extremely active on social media so as a brand if you want to connect with them it would be extremely easy. You can simply DM (direct message) them or send them a collaboration proposal over mail. They are likely to respond within 24 hours. So if you are a brand looking for immediate influencer marketing campaigns nano influencers should be your ideal match.


Maintain great engagement

Another reason why new brands are looking to partner with nano influencers is they provide a great engagement throughout their profile not only because they maintain a personal relationship with the audience but also they take part in various social media activities. So if you want to reach more like-minded people working with nano influencers can be much more beneficial.

Loyal followers

Nano influencers are not backed by huge followers like a celebrity and mega influencers but they maintain a more personal relationship with their followers which is much more important from an influencer marketing point of view. If they recommend your products or services to their friends and family you would get a more positive response which is the reason behind planning a campaign in the first place.

Provide better ROI

Small brands usually don’t have big budgets to run large scale influencer marketing campaigns but without working with big profiles you can also ensure a better ROI. There comes the nano influencers who provide better reach and engagement throughout their posts so if you work with them you will get better visibility which means better ROI. You need not invest too much time or money to get the most of your influencer marketing campaign if you choose to work with multiple nano influencers to meet your marketing agenda it will be much more effective.


Available for long term partnership

Nano influencers gain rapid popularity over time and become micro-influencers so if you partner with them they will provide long term engagement even after getting promoted to the tier of influencers. If you have influencers for long term engagement you will plan exciting marketing strategies to get a better response from your collaborations.

What is the right time to hire nano influencers?

To be honest you can hire nano influencers at your convenience, whenever you plan for running an influencer marketing campaign you can think of connecting with your favourite nano influencers. For better understanding below are some fundamental points that would help you understand the perfect timing to hire nano influencers:

Looking to grow your business locally

Nano influencers are ideal to provide local reach and engagement as we have mentioned they know their followers personally at least a few of them. So, if you work with them they can spread words about your business among the local crowd. That is why nano influencers are great to provide great engagement for shop launching events.


Need user-generated content

If you are looking to get multiple user-generated content you should think of partnering with nano influencers of your niche.

Not have lump sum marketing budget

Not only small brands but big brands also lack budget in marketing due to a plethora of reasons, if you are one of such brands you can work with nano influencers. Such influencers are trendsetters and can provide better ROI, so you have more reason than one to connect with them.

If you are looking for barter collaboration

Brands who are looking to run barter collaboration or other promotional activities like giveaways, contests, quiz etc. can hire nano influencers as they are extremely cost-effective but provide a great reach and engagement throughout their every post. If you are interested in distributing a large number of free products you can choose to work with nano influencers.

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How to get nano influencers to work for your brand?

If you are working with an agency like InfluGlue they already have a set of regional and national nano influencers in a database form where you can connect with them easily. If you choose to go DIY you can recruit your own nano influencers using your e-mail lists and social media ads.

A thorough vetting process is required if you are thinking about hiring your own nano influences. Make sure all the nano influencers are genuine people otherwise you might fall in the loop of bot profiles.

Set some basic rules because if you pretend to be over formal it will scare them away, maintain a friendly tone while communicating with them. Send them your collaboration proposal over e-mail mention some key points like:

  • What you are looking for from them (post details, caption details, hashtags, timeline of posting, tagging details)
  • What they will get in return (free products, coupons, vouchers, etc.)
  • Timeline for receiving products and the timeline for posting 

For a better understanding of the influencers, you can provide them with some sample post ideas, so that you can save some time on communicating with them regarding micro-management. It would help you create brand-centric content that would be acceptable at the first attempt.


Where to find authentic nano influencers?

If you are looking for authentic nano influencers who will be suitable for your project connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing platform in Canada. They have national and regional nano influencers registered with them, upon fulfilling certain terms and conditions you can access their database and choose profiles that are relevant to your business.

Apart from getting authentic and genuine nano influencers, you can also discuss your project with the team of expert influencer marketers to understand its potential with your approach. From communicating with the influencers to designing a great campaign all will be their responsibility. If you are wondering about budget then don’t stress out about that as they provide the best in industry services at affordable packages.

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