Influencer Marketing for Sustainable Brands [PPT]

Jun 24, 2022

As a leading influencer marketing company in Canada, we agree that sustainability is the need of the hour even in branding and marketing to protect our ecosystem and preserve natural resources. Already hundreds of brands have started taking necessary actions to minimize their carbon footprint by replacing plastic with paper, reusing and recycling and by supporting local businesses to grow. Going green is not only beneficial for the company but it has long-term benefits from an environmental focus. If you are a sustainability brand looking to revamp your brand reputation, we can help you take proper marketing actions to achieve your marketing objectives. Check out the presentation below to discover more on that topic.


Discover how sustainable brands can leverage the power of influencer marketing to uplift their brand reputation.


Tanaya is the Senior Content Developer at InfluGlue, who helped to build the content of the site along with several other sites with her compassionate SEO driven content. She is also a HubSpot, certified content marketer. She brings her five years of experience to her current role, where she is dedicated to developing the content of different websites. 

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