Top YouTube Influencers In Canada To Follow In 2022

Feb 28, 2022

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform of the world where users can watch, like, share, upload and comment on their own videos as well as on others’ content. This free to use service attracts billions of people from around the world who enjoy creating and watching videos of their interest. YouTube has attracted video creators of many genres since its establishment in the year 2009. From the past few years, YouTube has seen exponential growth in both its users and content creators as it is considered an alternative source of entertainment.

With no signs of slowing down, YouTube will remain as one of the top social media platforms especially after it has introduced short video clips to engage the millennials. Canada has hundreds of popular YouTubers in the various niche including gaming, food, beauty, travel, fitness and more. In this article, we have enlisted some of the most popular Canadian YouTubers who are pros at creating entertaining content, if you like watching inspirational YouTube videos you must add them to your list.

List of top 10 Canadian YouTubers you must follow

1. Evan Fong
Famous as: Gamer

Evan Fong

Evan Fong is the founder of Vannos Gaming which is the most followed Canadian YouTuber channel. He is one of the pioneers in gaming and streaming those on YouTube, on his channel you will see him playing various video games with other gamers. He is originally from Toronto, Ontario, stories of Economics up to college but dropped out to pursue YouTube for full time. He has got a lot of nominations and won various awards from world-famous gaming titles. From 2015 he began to gain popularity as more and more people started following and enjoying his game content.

2. Lilly Singh
Famous as: Comedian

Lilly Singh

Lilly is popularly known as Superwoman, her initial name iiSuperwomanii. She began her YouTube journey in 2010 and she was featured in Forbes in 2016 in the list of the world’s highest-paid YouTubers where she stood 3rd. Because of her humerus content, she has received numerous awards including Teen Choice Awards, MTV Fandom Award etc. Lilly is one of the most influential comedians in Canada, if you like watching comedy content you have more reason than one to check her YouTube channel.

3. Johnny Orlando
Famous as: Singer, songwriter

Johnny Orlando

Johnny is a Canadian blogger, singer, songwriter and actor. He got popularity for his cover of pop songs by Rihanna, Justin Biber, Shawn Mendes etc. he was nominated for the Juno Award as a breakthrough artist of the year 2019. On Instagram, he has 6.3 million followers, if you like watching various pop music you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

4. StefSanjati
Famous as: Transgender videos and gaming


Another popular Canadian YouTuber on our list is StefSanjati known for her tutorial videos about transgender and various aspects of the LGBTQ niche. If you are looking to educate yourself on the topic you must check her YouTube channel. She has Waardenburg syndrome which clearly reflects on her appearance, she talks about that in her channel to spread awareness and educate her subscribers. Now she uploads gaming content regularly on her new YouTube channel. To know more subscribe to her YouTube channel.

5. MrSuicideSheep
Famous as: Music lover, singer


MrSuicideSheep is a music enthusiast from Vancouver, Canada known for creating and promoting electronic music on his YouTube channel where he has nearly 12 million followers. He has his own music label named Seeking Blue. He has opened his YouTube channel on April 9, 2010, then he used to create music tracks together with his friends who had the same interest. If you are a music enthusiast, enjoy listening to or creating electronic music you must subscribe to his YouTube channel.

6. Kanwar Singh
Famous as: Rapper

Kanwar Singh

Kanwar Singh’s YouTube channel is known as Humble the Poet which is all about his work of rap music. He started his career as a teacher but soon left his job to pursue his passion which is rap music. Since 2010 he is pursuing his music career and gained around 2 million followers around the world. Apart from being a passionate music lover he wrote 3 popular books and toured the world to create music content with other famous YouTubers such as Lilly Singh. He has also appeared on many talk shows. His YouTube videos got more than 16 million views which makes him one of the most popular YouTube influencers in Canada.

7. Lewis George Hilsenteger
Famous as: Unboxing videos

Lewis George Hilsenteger

Lewis George Hilsenteger is one of the most famous Canadian YouTubers known for his YouTube channel which is all about unboxing various electronic gadgets including mobile phones, laptops, TV etc. His channel has more than 18 million subscribers, not only that his videos have received over 3 billion views. If you love watching unboxing videos you cannot afford to miss his channel.

8. Lauren Toyota
Famous as: Vegan food enthusiast

Lauren Toyota

Lauren is a famous food YouTuber in Canada known for her YouTube channel named hotforfood which she started in 2015. It is a vegan food channel where you will find a plethora of vegan recipes, so if you are a vegan lover you have more reason than one to check this channel. She is famous for turning classic comfort foods into vegan foods. According to her fans often these dishes are even better than the original non-veg dishes, if you are a vegan enthusiast you must check her YouTube channel.

9. Ina Mihalache
Famous as: Art and culture related video

Ina Mihalache

Ina is a popular Canadian YouTuber known for her art and culture related YouTube videos. She is also the editor and voice-over artist in France Television. You will also find her acting in various Canadian channels. If you are interested to watch documentaries you must follow her.

10. Lauren Riihimaki
Famous as: DIY videos

Lauren Riihimaki

Another famous YouTube influencer in Canada is Lauren known for her DIY videos, she has over 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. It is considered one of the most famous DIY channels in the world, if you are interested in watching DIY videos you must check her channel and get some cool DIY ideas.

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