Top Lifestyle Influencers Of Canada To Follow In 2022

Mar 08, 2022

Research suggest eight among ten fashion brands consider influencer marketing as one of their main marketing strategies. Needless to say, in the fashion industry, anything that is aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing is welcomed and encouraging for more reasons than one. However, the success of this approach depends upon two crucial factors one is choosing the right influencers to work with and the second is the strategy. These two aspects can be monitored by experienced influencer marketing agencies who understand how the influencers work and how to execute the entire campaign in a way it ensures maximum success.

For lifestyle projects the influencer selection process is crucial, they should be evaluated three things:

  • Their feed’s aesthetic
  • Their previous work experience
  • Their audience (both number and quality)

This evaluation will help the brands handpick the perfect influencers who are trusted by their audience and can influence the mindset of the new audience regarding their purchase decisions.

Who are lifestyle influencers?

Lifestyle influencers are digital creators who create content on different topics of fashion and lifestyle. The niche is extremely vast so your favourite lifestyle influencers have their own sets of interests like travel, food, fashion, interior, veganism etc. because whatever you choose to live with will become your lifestyle. In most cases, lifestyle influencers choose fashion over other topics to showcase their lifestyle while others choose their topics to spread awareness.

In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 lifestyle influencers of Canada who are setting the internet on fire with their outstanding lifestyle content. If you are a lifestyle enthusiast or a brand looking to work with the top lifestyle influencers of the country this article is a must-read for you. Without much ado, scroll down to discover them.

List of top 10 lifestyle influencers of Canada who are trending on Instagram

1. Haley Estrada

Haley Estrada

Haley is one of the most famous Canada based lifestyle influencers who are interested in a minimalist aesthetic. Her Instagram account is extremely thematic with nude shades and high fashion products which catches the attention of his audience. If you like seeing lifestyle influencers and how they create content, you must follow Haley.

2. Madison Trouvaille

Madison Trouvaille

Madison is the owner of an interior design studio, his projects are all about subtle colours and minimalist objects that are visually pleasing. If you are interested in interior designing content to revamp any corner of your abode Madison’s lifestyle content will inspire you in more ways than one.

3. Stu Life

Stu Life

Another famous lifestyle influencer of Canada is @thestulife who is all about creating fashionable content using simple yet attractive pieces of clothes carefully handpicked to beauty her taste for a quality lifestyle.

4. Olivia Noceda

Olivia Noceda

Olivia is interested in creating wellness content for her audience on Instagram. If you visit her blog ( you will find a plethora of lifestyle content that will please you in more ways than one.

5. Shayna Wiwierski

Shayna Wiwierski

Another top lifestyle influencer of Canada is Shayna who loves adventure apart from creating high-class lifestyle content on Instagram. From collaborating with various lifestyle brands to sharing travel tips she is extremely versatile as an influencer.

6. Tanya


Tanya is an advocate of minimalist aesthetics and lifestyle, her Instagram is extremely well decorated. Her simple approach towards various aspects of lifestyle makes her stand out. Her page is effortlessly beautiful, anybody interested in exploring lifestyle content will enjoy seeing her creativity in this niche.

7. Anna Ruck

Anna Ruck

Anna is a Canada based lifestyle influencer who is an expert in mom blogging and parenting content. If you are expecting or a parent of a toddler looking for real-life tips to make things happen around you Anna’s lifestyle content can be inspiring in multiple ways.

8. Léonie Pelletier

Léonie Pelletier

This lifestyle influencer of Canada loves to capture beautiful moments of her life with her kids. She maintains utmost authenticity throughout her Instagram profile which elevates her content and attracts more similar minded people to her profile.

9. Marie France Pellerin

Marie France Pellerin

This Canadian lifestyle influencer is a yoga enthusiast and a certified yoga coach, her unique way of showcasing yoga poses and spreading awareness about the benefits of yoga makes her one of the most influential content creators on our list. If you are a fitness enthusiast looking to explore easy to go yoga poses to uplift your fitness you must follow her.

10. Natalie Ast

Natalie Ast

Natalie is a famous lifestyle influencer of Canada known to capture beautiful moments and transform them into visually pleasing posts. Her sense of theme and colours makes her feed look more interesting. Her fashion sense makes her stand out, if you have an interest in exploring unique fashion content you must follow her.

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