Cause Marketing & Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Combination For Higher ROI

Nov 30, 2022

Looking for a way to maximize ROI while having a significant impact on your next campaign? The secret is combining influencer marketing with cause marketing. Building trust, expanding reach, promoting calls to action, and enhancing reputation are all advantages of bringing social problems to the public's attention through the voices of genuine influencers. How can you, therefore, be sure that your campaign is a success? Understanding what cause marketing is, the advantages it offers, and—most importantly—how to employ activations to achieve your goals.

cause marketing

The basic idea of cause marketing

In general, cause marketing involves a collaboration between a for-profit company and a nonprofit group. Together, they create campaigns that are advantageous to both parties. Say, for instance, that your brand wants to enhance its reputation, increase consumer trust, or develop a connection with a community. And let's imagine there is a nonprofit working for a cause relevant to the goals or merchandise of your company that requires more people to be aware of its work. In this cooperation, the brand shares the nonprofit's campaign with a larger or a different audience than it would typically reach by leveraging its communication channels (mostly social media).

In the rise of influence marketing brands sometimes combine cause marketing with influencer advertising to maximize its effectiveness, this combination marketing is called cause-related-marketing.

brands collaborate

Why should brands collaborate with influencers on cause marketing initiatives?

Influencers can raise awareness of a cause or purpose among the public, but they can also start crucial discussions about the reality of the situation if they have a personal connection to it.

Influencers, especially micro-influencers, are frequently thought of as being more relatable than well-known celebrities. Notably, because they are regarded as peers, their recommendations and endorsements frequently carry more weight, but they may also be seen as authorities in particular niches.

Campaigns get better traction and provide advantages to brands when they appeal to audiences through influencers' more genuine, everyday voices. Let's discuss the WHYs and successes before providing detailed guidance on HOW to integrate influencer marketing with cause marketing. Let's focus on the advantages brands might get from combining these two kinds of advertising.

audience and reputation

Expand your audience and reputation

Through the combined force of influencer marketing and cause marketing efforts, these four target demographics benefit greatly:

The cause

Frequently, philanthropic organisations lack the scope or size necessary to generate significant return on investment (ROI) on their own. As a result, they gain by working with influencers and businesses who have larger followings. These alliances promote important calls to action, such as subscriptions, donations, and/or awareness.

The brand

Highly prominent creative collaborations greatly expand a business's audience and reputation, especially when the influencers support the same causes that the brand does. Campaigns with various postings, platforms, and activations might also be added to that, giving brands the ideal trifecta for success.

The ambassadors

Social media experts use their true voices for good when they collaborate with companies and organisations they care about. They gain a better reputation for their affiliation with philanthropic organisations as a result. Additionally, they gain momentum when they inspire their supporters to take up causes that are important to them.

The target customers

Customers buy from companies they believe in. According to research, around 87% of consumers purchase a product based on a company's advocacy for a cause that is important to them. Therefore, when companies, influencers, and organisations collaborate to raise awareness of causes, their customers or followers have more information to help them progress in the purchasing process. The target market experiences more mental calm as a result.

Good Business

Enhance Trust 

When brands work with niche influencers it will maximize the trust among the target audience because they can relate to it. Think about the effect of a prominent figure promoting Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month who is known to have battled skin cancer. This influencer could instead of just posting about the campaign:

  • Share her personal experience to help make an otherwise alarming problem comprehensible and approachable.
  • Inform her audience on the risk factors and prevention advice for skin cancer.
  • Demonstrate skin-checking techniques to audiences, emphasising the value of early detection and prevention.
  • By explaining to audiences where and how donation money is used, you might encourage them to make a donation.
  • Encourage audiences to request matching donations from their employers.
  • Encourage particular types of action from audiences: solicit contributions, content sharing, purchases (when a portion of each sale is donated to charity), or other forms of actionable support.
  • Asking the audience to express their viewpoints will help to start a discussion about the problem.

Social media is frequently utilised as a one-way medium for communicating about charity causes, but audience engagement—people actively discussing the issue and raising awareness—is where the true value lies.

Influential social media creators are adept at forging genuine connections with their audiences and actively motivating audiences to spread the word.

4 ways to maximize the return on influencer marketing and cause marketing

1. Influencer-hosted campaigns or workshops

Influencers who have established themselves online through blogs and who have a sizable following on at least one social media platform do well at these events. Finding partners who fit certain requirements is also crucial. Specifically, they can promote attendance at live events. They are excellent hosts and event organisers. They can document and share event promotion and activities before, during, and after the celebrations since they are content makers. In order to raise awareness and achieve better results, they can also persuade or reward their guests to participate in the sharing.

Influencer-hosted campaigns

What you can achieve with influencer-hosted house parties

Live events are a personal and interactive method to introduce your business to audiences you could not otherwise reach.

If you've ever organised a live event, you are aware that it takes many exhausting hours. For fundraising professionals, who work harder and for less money, this is even more true. Influencer hosts save your organisation time and effort while producing enormous outcomes for your brand.

2. One-on-One conversations

This is quite similar to the above approach, on your preferred social media platform try to host a live session with your ambassadors and ask a few relevant questions. They should answer the questions promptly, you can ask them to talk about your products if it falls in the same line of interest. It is a great way to intimate with your audience that you could not otherwise. It's great for fundraising requirements as well.

One-on-One conversations

3. Sponsored blogs

Blog tours are promotional operations in which influencers post original content on their blogs and share it on their social media accounts. They may also provide links in their posts to those of the other participating influencers if requested. Blog tours release the content gradually over a predetermined time. Blog tours can begin and end quickly. Alternately, they might function more like an ambassador program, where influencers post frequently over time.

Blog tours are the most effective at promoting genuine organic awareness and evergreen content. Additionally, blogs are excellent platforms for adding videos. The written and video content receives a lot of views thanks to social media promotion.

4. Instagram Campaigns

If you want to combine cause marketing with influencer marketing creating an Instagram campaign will be great to get your desired results. It will require a higher level of creativity to stand out.

Follow the simple steps to leverage its power:

  • Select influencers that represent your cause that you wish to raise awareness. 
  • Set objectives
  • Assess the ideal set of influencers
  • Establish a window of time within which the Instagram content should go live
  • In your influencer contract, provide brand message points
  • Conduct a quality control inspection
  • Analyze ROI following the blitz

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Discover how to get a higher ROI by combining influencer marketing together with cause marketing


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