Top Yoga Influencers In Canada To Follow In 2022

Mar 24, 2022

Are you a yoga enthusiast looking for top yoga influencers to uplift your yoga routine? If yes, this article is a must-read for you.

The true essence of yoga aims to achieve the perfect physical and mental balance through a series of practices known as Asanas. The techniques also include breathing exercises like Pranayama, meditation exercises like Dhyana etc. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, "A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Self, when the perfectly disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and becomes absorbed in the Self alone."

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most dedicated yoga influencers of Canada who are giving major fitness goals. Without much ado scroll down to discover.

Who are yoga influencers?

Yoga influencers are people who are interested to create health and fitness-related content to be aware and educate their followers on social media. They are considered experts because of their huge skills and knowledge in their concerned field. Sometimes they partner with brands to endorse their products among their target audience. They regularly upload various posts on social media platforms to showcase their dedication and skills in yoga, they also educate people about the benefits of practising yoga and other aspects of fitness.

List of top 10 yoga influencers in Canada to follow in 2022

Please note the influencers we have mentioned below are not followed by millions of followers but that doesn’t compromise their dedication towards yoga, fitness and lifestyle. Some of them are self-taught yoga practitioners while some are a certified yoga instructor.

Also, note that if you are a brand looking to partner with yoga enthusiasts especially the micro-influencers the below-mentioned profiles can be your perfect match.

1. Camleeyoga


One of the top yoga influencers of Canada is Camleeyoga whom you must follow to improve your fitness quotient through yoga. If you visit her Instagram profile you will find a lot of fitness content posted other than yoga. For her yoga is not just for fitness it is a lifestyle that brings hundreds of changes to both body and mind. She also exercises her voice for body positivity, parenting, motherhood, lifestyle, travel and other aspects as well. If you like exploring fitness content on Instagram this account is a must check.

2. Anick Dumontet

Anick Dumontet

Anick is a 50-year-old Canadian yoga influencer and a lifestyle enthusiast who likes to capture beautiful moments of her life for her huge Instagram family. She loves exploring new places around the world, she also loves hockey, she is also interested to curate lifestyle content for her followers. As an influencer she is more than just a yoga enthusiast, she is also a pro at creating collaborating projects. On her Instagram account, you will find her creating various brand-centric content which will give you more reason than one to follow her.

3. Margo


Margo calls herself a yogini, if you visit her Instagram account you will find her posting content about various yoga poses, not only that the captions will guide you about the benefits of practising each of the poses with clear instructions. So, you have more reasons than one to follow her on Instagram.

4. Medeleine Louise arena

Medeleine Louise Arena

Another yoga influencer of Canada to follow in 2022 is Madeleine. This yoga enthusiast helps people live a life rooted in inner peace, a joy to improve their overall well being. Her main objective is to share her experience and knowledge with her audience in a way it would benefit them holistically. You don’t have to practice yoga daily in order to follow her or check her on Instagram, you can always enjoy quality wellness content.

5. Celine


Celine is a yoga coach who believes in spreading awareness that promotes happiness, she is also a Reiki practitioner. Her Instagram profile is full of faultless yoga poses that come with clear instructions which anyone can follow. Check her Instagram account to discover more.

6. Lisa


This yoga influencer of Canada used to be a yoga student who became a yoga teacher to channelize her dedication towards the lifestyle. Apart from being a yoga enthusiast, she is trying her hands on veganism and sustainable living to promote holistic living. If you are interested in vegan foods and yoga and other fitness aspects, you must follow her.

7. Yhan


Yhan is a self-taught yoga enthusiast who believes yoga has many powers to improve one’s self from within.  Her Instagram profile is all about various yoga poses including both basics and advanced ones, if you are interested to learn some of the yoga poses with proper instructions you can follow her.

8. Power Yoga Canada

Power Yoga Canada

If you are looking for online yoga classes to learn the benefits of this from your home comfort here you are, Power Yoga Canada Mississauga provides online yoga classes not only to Canadian citizens but also to people around the world. Check their Instagram page to discover more.

9. Kassandra


Kassandra is a famous yoga influencer of Canada followed by 133K followers for her passion and dedication towards a better life by practising yoga. She encourages all her followers to learn yoga with her, she also has her own YouTube channel named Yoga with Kassandra, follow her to discover more.

10. Ali


Another yoga influencer of Canada whom you just follow in 2022 is Ali who believes in the healing power of yoga. She loves to enlighten her followers about the true power of practising various asanas, if you visit her Instagram account you will get to learn her perspectives of leading a better lifestyle centring yoga.

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