10+ Questions You Must Ask Your Influencer Before Hiring

Sep 21, 2021


Needless to mention working with the right influencers foster the success of an influencer marketing campaign. Influencers who are authentic and produce engaging content for your brand will contribute greatly to the overall success of your campaign.

Finding the right influencers is a daunting process even for experienced marketers because the number of followers is not the only thing to be considered like engagement and reach which would increase (or decrease) the chances of success of the campaign. There are many signs which can tell whether an influencer is genuine or fake.

To help you out with your influencer selection process here are some frequently asked questions that you should be asking your influencers before finalising him/her for your promotional campaigns.

List of frequently asked questions to your influencers before finalising

1. What is your influencing niche?

Before hiring any influencer for your campaign ask from which niche he/she belongs. If you are promoting beauty or skincare products partner with beauty bloggers or lifestyle influencers instead of ending up with fitness or food influencers. Make sure the influencers resonate well with your brand then only they can create genuine content that would appeal to your target audience emotionally.

2. How long you have been influencing?

Ask the influencers for how long they have been creating content to endorse brands. If possible ask them to showcase the links of their previous works which would provide a better idea about their ability as an influencer. The timeline would also speak a lot about the authenticity of an influencer, a genuine influencer would take time to grow its audience so if you see the influencer is backed by huge followers but have not spent much time endorsing brand content there is something fishy.

The profiles of influencers are tempting when you see someone is followed by a huge crowd and earning money for what they do, you would envy that at some point. Speaking of which a lot of people buy bot services to increase their followers and engagement which apparently make them look like influencers, we called them fake influencers. As a brand, if you end up parenting with fake influencers you would end up wasting both your time and money. So be careful while selecting the Influencers for your campaign.


3. What is your inspiration?

It's good to know your influencers on a personal level you can ask them about their inspiration. In most cases, influencers get inspired by bloggers or content creators from their own niche. If you are hiring micro-influencers for your campaign they might take names of awesome celebrity influencers or international bloggers. Consider giving more marks to those who will talk about self-motivation rest you have to rely on your sixth sense.

4. What is your engagement rate?

To understand the engagement rate ask the influencers to share a screenshot of the last three post insights from Instagram. If you found the engagement rate is more than 6% for micro-influencers and more than 3.5% for mega and celebrity influencers you can hire them for your campaigns.

5. Why do you want to promote our brand?

Ask the influencers why they want to promote your products. Try to find out whether they genuinely believe in your product or simply doing it to grab fame and cash. Remember your audience can easily spot the difference between a genuine recommendation and a staged one. Try to know what motivates them to work for your brand.


6. What innovation can you bring out to our campaign?

You might have a team of professionals who are working on fine-tuning your campaign, but asking influencers these questions will provide more perspectives. Influencers are trendsetters they know what is happening around them and how others are performing to bring their best as well as to the brands. So if you listen to them you might gain a lot of fresh new ideas.

7. What are your charges?

Be bold while asking the charges of the influencers, do not underestimate them. You might have a set budget for each of your campaigns, if they fit within that you can proceed if not you might think of negotiating a bit. If you are working with an influencer marketing company ask them to negotiate with your favourite influencers on your behalf as they are supposed to take all such responsibilities.

If you are low on a budget try working with micro-influencers as they are cost-effective and you can work with many of them on a strict budget. If you do not have budget obligations you can go for mega or celebrity influencers. Select influencers not only based on your budget but also on your marketing goals.

8. What gadgets do you use to create content?

You might be thinking you should not be concerned about that, but it’s not true. Asking such questions will show how much you are particular about the quality of your promotional content. If you are looking for videos ask them which gadget (mobile/ camera) they are shooting, who will shoot the content etc. If you think they are struggling with anything you can guide them if that is necessary.

9. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creating brand content?

Some influencers are quite open while shooting for brand content especially the videos while some struggle while speaking up. If an influencer tells he/she is not comfortable shooting videos you can ask them to provide static posts with stories or ask them to shoot the video in a way they can only provide voice over instead of showing their face while recording in it.

While finalising the campaign content make sure you keep room for creativity for your influencers without which the campaign might look pale and staged. Ask the influencers to get innovative with your products which would make the entire campaign more dynamic.


10. What are your work ethics?

No one is above work ethics that include the influencers, bloggers and industry experts. You can ask the influencers about their work ethics which would provide you with an idea about how serious they are with the entire content creation thing, whether they are serious or it is just a part-time grab of cash thing. If you found they are serious about it and has a lot of plans in the near future you can think of partnering with them for the long term.

11. What is your point of view on a long term partnership with us?

Most brands are looking for long term relationships with the influencers to get the most out of their campaigns. If you are thinking the same clearly ask that the influencers to check whether they are interested or not. If possible discuss remuneration and others perks of being a long term brand ambassador for you so that they can get motivated to work with you.

12. Are you ready to sign an influencer agreement with us?

If you wish to avoid any legal obligations with your influencer marketing campaign Make sure the film is a sign an agreement with you where all the terms and conditions of the campaign would be mentioned clearly including the deliverables from the influencers together with the timeline and other details. The influencers need to sign them in order to proceed with the campaign so that if anything happens in between you have the right to question and make it correct for your brand. So it is mandatory to partner with influencers who are willing to sign the influencer agreement for your campaign.


13. How do you think we can do better in terms of marketing?

Despite being guided by an expert team in-house team, you must be open to suggestions. Ask the influencers what is they think about your marketing strategy and how to improve that in order to minimise your competition in the market. As we have mentioned earlier that influencers are considered trendsetters sometimes they can suggest more creative ways to make your campaign unique. As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada we always welcome suggestions from our influencers as they are working with multiple brands and knows how to create a buzz in the market about a product, we recommend you leverage the power of the influencers in all possible ways.

14. Are you a part of any influencer marketing program currently?

The answer to this question will help you understand the current status of the influencer it would also help you finalise his/her charges for your campaign. Besides, it is always helpful to know what other players are doing so that you can be ahead of them.

15. Are you a registered influencer with any influencer marketing Platform?

Another interesting question to ask your influencers is this though it is not mandatory, it is beneficial to know your influencers on a personal level to ease up the communication. Such answers would tell a lot about their availability for your brand and their demand in the market.

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