Tips To Promote Hotels On Instagram In 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Jan 07, 2023

The effectiveness of Instagram marketing is not unknown anymore. Some of the largest hotel chains in the world have been utilising Instagram actively to communicate with the audience and encourage direct sales and bookings. For illustration, Marriott Hotels has 452,000 Instagram followers. Similar figures are 317,000 and 28,900, respectively, for Hilton Hotels & Resorts and IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Not only big hotels but small resorts, suits, and heritage hotels are now leveraging the power of Instagram to be seen by potential guests from all over the world.

Would you, therefore, want to let go the possibilities to increase direct sales? If not, then reading this article is the ideal strategy for gaining an advantage over rivals. Scroll down to discover how!

Why choose Instagram to promote hotels?

Instagram is a visual platform compared to other social networking sites. It emphasises sending pictures and videos to individuals all around the world. Instagram provides you with a wide range of alternatives to experiment with and develop the ideal marketing plan, whether you want to interact with concise "stories," captions under pictures, videos, stickers, or GIFs.

Like the majority of social media sites, promoting your hotel on Instagram requires more than just creating and sharing content.

It entails:

  • Participating in content posted by visitors, employees, and other profiles
  • Comprehending what your audience 'likes' by actively listening to them
  • Knowing how Instagram functions and how to increase visibility
  • Posting frequently to keep the audience engaged

promote hotels

Above is the screenshot of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts which is one of the world’s largest hotel chains based in Toronto. Look how they describe the serenity of the place in the picture and the reason of the post (showing gesture receiving a prestigious award).

How often should you post hotel stuffs on Instagram?

Even though it's one of the most frequently asked questions related to Instagram business promotion, there's a solid reason why it keeps coming up. Simply said, there is no simple answer, and how frequently you post will depend on a number of things, some of which we'll cover in a moment.

Let's just state this for now:

  • Many users publish daily.
  • Some people publish once or twice a week.
  • Some users publish every week
  • Some people desire continuous interaction throughout the day.

In this case, there is no right or incorrect response. However, it's important to note that Instagram frequently rewards users with higher prominence for their constant posting.

Therefore, it would be perfect to create and promote content every day. Otherwise, doing so two to three times per week is also an excellent plan.

Even though the number of posts on your profile should be taken into account, it's crucial to interact and communicate with your audience.

How to grow your hotel's Instagram audience?

It's imperative to choose the type of audience you want to reach before you begin developing one for your Instagram profile and, ultimately, your hotel.

Personas that your marketing department has already developed can be utilised to grow your Instagram following. A persona simply represents the characteristics of your ideal consumer or a group of customers.

You can simply create your audience persona by asking the following questions:

  • What particular product do I wish to market or sell?
  • Who is seeking a product like that?
  • What sets my company's unique selling proposition (USP) apart?
  • Who is attracted to such USPs?
  • Which individuals will be curious about viewing my Instagram profile?

The best way to set up an Instagram account for your hotel

Instagram account

While taking into account these audience types might assist you in selecting the proper group of users to target, it's vital to take into account a few additional factors to maximise your marketing potential. The first step is creating your hotel's Instagram account.

Accounts for Personal vs. Business

You can pick between a basic/personal account and a business profile on Instagram. You should definitely open an Instagram business account if you manage a hotel or run any other kind of company.

You can look at the bio area to see if your account has been configured as a business profile or not. You might be using Instagram basic if the contact form or address isn't displayed.


How to creatively write an Instagram bio that converts?

It's critical to concentrate on key elements in your Instagram bio that will increase engagement and conversion rates if you want to get the most out of it. Your bio should be as intriguing and concise as possible.

Here are a few effective ideas:

1. When writing your company name, remember to include your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - In addition to letting them know about the hotel's USP, it's critical to mention the hotel's name so that they can remember you. For example, it can be the highest pick of the area or you have rooms with gesture sensor lights or with a jacuzzi or live kitchen etc. (see the above screenshot of Andronis Arcadia)

2. The reason your audience has to make a reservation in your resort is the next crucial point to discuss. It should be concentrated on how you want to make their stay special. For instance, "We encourage you to reconnect with nature and only use local ingredients in all the recipes."

3. Last but not least, it's crucial to advertise some deals and discounts. One persuasive slogan might be, "Book immediately on Instagram for Free Breakfast."

4. The booking page should be clearly linked in the final paragraph with a CTA button. It's crucial that the page explains the motivation or persuasion behind the click clearly, simply, and right away. In this instance, it would be the promise of a "free breakfast."

What to post on Instagram about your hotel?

hotel rooms promotion

You can post pictures of your hotel rooms, rooftop, balcony and other local attractions that are visible from your hotel to provide a vibe to your audience.

Highlight amenities like a swimming pool, gym, pub, live kitchen, spa and other things that your customers can enjoy during the stay.

Pictures of foods and drinks do pretty well on Instagram so don’t forget to post such pictures on your business accounts.


Stories are great to keep your followers engaged with your business. You can either create stories or use content of your customers. As stories are visible for 24 hours try to upload stories regularly to engage your audience.


Reels are the new attraction for Instagram users, people love creating and watching reels. Through reels try to show off your hotel rooms, balcony, rooftop etc. don’t forget to add trending music to trick the insta algorithm.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Work with travel influencers if you want to stand out. Influencers are great at creating engaging content that appeals to their followers. Instead of creating videos on your own, you can simply hire the top travel influencers in Canada to do the same. This would not only save up your time and money but also keep your content dynamic and organic.

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