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Sep 23, 2021


Are you thinking of entering the pet product business? Do not let yourself struggle with your brand to targeting and marketing your products to pet owners. Here are some simple tips and best practices for you to strengthen your knowledge.

The pet industry of Canada is blooming, but do you know who is booming the industry?


Research suggests pets are extremely popular among millennials, GenZ people and senior citizens. People with more free time and more relaxing income is spending a lot on different kinds of pet and pet products. According to our research team, we got the following data on pet expenditure:

  • Surgical veterinary visits: $500 dogs: $200 cats 
  • Routine vet visits: $ 260 dogs: $190 cats 
  • Kennel boarding: $ 350 dogs: $ 170 cats 
  • Food: $ 250 (dogs and cats) 
  • Grooming and training: $90 dogs: $40 cats 

Around 55% of Canadian households have pets, which is clear that pet culture is quite popular in the country.

(All the above figures are approximate only)

How to research buyer persona for pet products?

If you are new in the pet product business you need to understand your customers well. The market for pet products is sustainable, more than 92% of pet owners want the best food for their pets which means you have to connect with them on a personal basis so that they build trust for your brand. Marketing approaches need to be smart and tailored, ask your marketing team the following questions:

  • What motivates them? 
  • What quality product they are looking for? 
  • Are they active on social media? What is the timing? 
  • Are they are posting pictures with their pets? 
  • Are they vocal about their pet’s needs? 
  • Who are your competitors? What is their marketing strategy? 

The answers to these questions directly influence the market of pet products, based on which you can prepare your marketing strategy and content. If you are looking for some tips to market your pet products in a way to stand out the next section of the article is a must-read.


Tips to market your pet supply company

Here are some the tips from our expert marketers:

Create shop related posts

The first thing is you need to have an online shop or business page where your target audience can get to know you better whether they purchase from you or not. This way you can arouse curiosity about your brand. You can also showcase the main features of products, you can talk about their unique composition, pricing, packaging and other details. Pet people do follow a lot of pet product brands online, if you follow proper marketing approaches they would come to know you. So if your primary criteria are to get noticed you must set up your business page on multiple social media platforms where you can connect with your target audience on a personal level.

Use proper hashtags

If you want to excel in this online marketing game you must understand how to leverage the power of using proper hashtags. On Twitter and Instagram hashtags are considered a great tool to get noticed among your target audience. If you post your content with relevant hashtags pet lovers can see it and if they like your product they will not only end up following you but also purchase from your brand. If you are planning to run a marketing campaign make sure you include some relevant yet trendy hashtags that would give another dimension to your content. If people like your content they will share it on their social media accounts which means you will get more visibility. You can search for relevant hashtags on Google or directly enter them on Twitter and Instagram to know it’s popularity in terms of the number of followers and posts under the same hashtags.

Run promotional activities

Another great way to stand out in this competitive pet product market is to grab your customers attention through a range of promotional activities that include giveaways, contests, live question-answer sessions etc. Giveaways are a great way to engage with your customers, you can design the campaign tasks in a way it can enhance your visibility on your targeted social media platforms. For example, you can ask the participants to tag their friends who are pet owners to fulfil the task to share their point of view.

If you are targeting older audiences like those who are 40 plus years of age you can ask them to read your blog. More than 84% of pet owners read blogs and recommendations before making their purchase decisions regarding pet foods, clinic visits, hiring personal trainers etc. Promotional activities like giveaways and contests are great to grab the attention of your target audience. If you giveaway products like pet toys, pet food samples, free first clinical checkup, or free entry to pet fair pet lovers would be amazed to join with your brand. So, pet product marketing is tricky yet interesting.


Share authentic content

The pet product market is overflowing with thousands of different options making it hard for the customers to make their choice. In this, if you wish to establish your name among the front row players you need better content. In fact, this is one of the creative and cost-effective ways to promote your business. All it takes to do thorough research and a persistent attitude together with the ability to think outside of the box. Focus on authentic content that highlight the main USPS of your products, instead of telling “buy our products” or “we are the best” you can talk about the composition of your products or how using those will help your pet to lead a better life etc. it would provide more reason to your customers to choose your brand over others.

While sharing marketing content try to focus on grabbing the local market for that you can list your business to a number of business listing sites to gain exposure.


Engage with customers

On social media, if you want to create an authentic impression you must appear professional and promising. People who buy your products or visit your shop will spread words about your business so make sure you serve them right. On social media platforms try to interact with as many people as possible, if anyone comment on your post try to reply at your earliest, whether it is about the pricing, products or your services or related to any other queries.

Also do not forget to check your dm (direct message), if any influencer drops any proposal regarding working with your brand or regarding any other aspect try to reply to them with a polite tone. Tell them you are honoured to get their proposals and how do you want to proceed. The more you engage with your customers the more the more they come to know about you, in turn, you would get exposure.

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Connect with pet owners and pet care professionals

Pet owners and pet care professionals are a great influence in this sector, if you want to be in this business you strongly need their support. They are the ones who spread positive (or negative) words about various brands, and people seem to believe in their recommendations because they think those professionals know the best what will be suitable for their pet. So, if you want to be in this business you need to partner with them on a personal level, you can send them free products or work with them through affiliate links. You can also plan marketing campaigns with them.

Partner with pet influencers

Have you heard of pet influencers? Yes, pet influencers! People who are extremely vocal about their pets on social media are considered pet influencers. Like other influencers, they are also backed by huge followers and trusted among them because of their knowledge and skills in this niche. They are aware and educate their followers about various aspects of per care, which brands should they use and why, how they have learned various pet care skills over the years etc. If an influencer recommends your product people will seem to listen to it, so partnering with pet influencers can be your secret weapon to win the market.


Run influencer marketing campaigns

Another marketing strategy that can take your brand to the next level can be through influencer marketing campaigns. You can hire pet influencers who genuinely believe in your product and will spread positive words about your business. Ask them to follow your strategy, also keep room for creativity because influencers are known for their creativity and unique approach among their audience. You can connect with a reputed influencer marketing company that will help you curate a great influencer marketing campaign to uplift the face of your product.

Looking for pet influencers?

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How InfluGlue can help you?

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Are you a pet care brand, looking to market your product in this competitive market? Great, read this article till the end and discover how key players are doing to keep up with this aggressive market.


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