Top 9 Christmas Influencer Marketing Ideas & Examples You Can't Miss

Nov 18, 2022

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List of best 9 Christmas influencer marketing campaigns by big brands

#1 Costa Coffee
#2 Cadbury: Cadbury Secret Santa
#3 McDonald’s: Imaginary Iggy
#4 KitKat: Christmas break
#5 Oreo: Oreo for Santa
#6 Taco Bell
#7 Apple: Make Someone's Holiday
#8 Starbucks
#9 Calvin Klein

Want amazing influencer marketing ideas and services to promote your brand this Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and it’s that time of year when businesses in every sector add a dash of festive cheer to their influencer marketing initiatives. We have selected 5 companies from the fashion, retail, beverage, fitness, and beauty sectors whose Christmas influencer campaigns are deploying innovative techniques. There are options for every brand to get inspired and implement, such as a Giving Tuesday campaign, a Black Friday affiliate programme, and creative tutorials. Influencer campaigns for Christmas come in various forms and sizes. They employ a variety of influencers, including celebrity TV personalities, micro-influencers, and employee advocates. Whatever your objectives or your marketing budget, we believe the concepts behind these campaigns will inspire you and provide you with ideas for your own holiday season influencer campaigns.

List of best 9 Christmas influencer marketing campaigns by big brands

1. Costa Coffee

Hashtag Campaign: #MerryCostaChristmas

Christmas has a frigid atmosphere and a wintery attitude. What could be better than a hot cup of coffee? Understanding this emotion, Costa Coffee introduced their holiday-themed hot beverages in their shops with their recognisable cup characters. They introduced a new menu, which of course led to some amazing social media marketing campaigns.

To give their software that enchanting and cosy air, they updated the layout, added Christmas colours, and did a lot more.

2. Cadbury: Cadbury Secret Santa (2018)

Send chocolate covertly to someone you love is the slogan used by Cadbury to promote its postal service, which asks people to serve as secret Santas. This campaign featured a number of 20-second TV commercials and internet follow-ups urging consumers in the UK to send chocolate to their loved ones as a way to celebrate the holidays.

3. McDonald’s: Imaginary Iggy (2021)

McDonald's uses its #ReindeerReady campaign to establish an emotional connection with its audience about childhood, holidays, and other things we associate with Christmas. McDonald's released "Inner Child" as part of their Reindeer Ready campaign last year, encouraging people to appreciate the purity and childlikeness that comes with the holiday season. The same is true of this year's film, "Imaginary Iggy," which depicts a young girl who outgrows her imaginary friend phase but is reminded of it when she observes a child chatting to his imaginary friend when she was younger. People were urged to embrace their inner children and revisit their childhood experiences in this attempt.

4. KitKat: Christmas break (2015)

Ah yes, the well-known KitKat slogan, "Have a break, have a KitKat." And with this 30-second video campaign, they did indeed keep true to their tagline. With every company competing to demonstrate their creative prowess, KitKat provided its viewers with the well-deserved "relief" from the Christmas creative clutter with just a simple voiceover.

5. Oreo: Oreo for Santa

Oreo: Oreo for Santa

Due to its connection to the long-standing custom of leaving cookies out for Santa, this advertising was well-received by the target group. In this video, we see Santa addressing a message to "Twitterers" asking them to leave him nothing but "only Oreos" on Christmas Eve. The video itself promoted retweets by requesting that viewers tweet using the hashtag #OreoForSanta to inform Santa whether they are home.

Although the Oreo for Santa campaign was a video campaign, they did a great job of promoting them. If you recall, in the early days of 2019, this was a significant trend that was sweeping Twitter. These guys were great at following trends and increasing engagement.

6. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

We are long past the time when Taco Bell was a straightforward American fast-food restaurant chain. The business first opened its Taco Bell Taco Shop in 2016, experimenting with retail. The business now provides apparel, accessories, and novelty items. Instagram, which has more than 1.3 million followers, aids in luring both local tourists and internet consumers.

Insert SS from Taco Bell’s Instagram account

Taco Bell released information about its new holiday line. Taco Bell used Instagram posts to showcase products and promote its selection of gift suggestions for holiday shoppers, along with captions that prompted quick action from followers. It seems to sense that Taco Bell would want to market its unique Christmas collection to holiday customers now that the firm has it. The company optimises its Instagram bio link for its Christmas marketing campaign because an Instagram bio serves as a visit card for any business. This is done to pique visitors' and followers' interest and give them a hint as to what they can get if they click the link.

7. Apple: Make Someone's Holiday

It gets off to a really relevant start by displaying a family travelling during the holiday to see relatives. The brilliance of the commercial is how the iPad appears to be the only thing keeping everyone calm throughout their entire journey. And just when you assume that's the point of the advertisement, it quickly takes an emotional turn by showing how the product is used to make a gift for a loved one.

Why it worked: Apple frequently produces feature-heavy advertisements that place a premium on utility. In this advertisement, the emphasis is placed on emotional appeal, and the product serves as a means of storytelling.

8. Starbucks


When Starbucks brings back its most popular holiday goodies, the red cup signals the start of the holidays for many people. With its holiday drinks, Starbucks contributes to bringing the flavours of the Christmas season, which has its own themes and traditions. Seasonal items help Starbucks stay one step ahead of the competition because they capitalise on nostalgia and seasonal excitement.

Every customer who ordered a holiday beverage in any size or flavour at participating shops in the U.S. and Canada on November 7, 2019, received a free limited-edition reusable red cup as part of Starbucks' promotion of its holiday drinks and cups this year.

9. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a fantastic illustration of how to delight holiday shoppers with useful and interesting content. The business executed a Christmas Instagram marketing campaign intending to assist holiday consumers in finding the ideal presents for their loved ones. Additionally, Calvin Klein improved outcomes by leveraging the influence of word-of-mouth advertising.

Calvin Klein

Numerous case study examples show that word-of-mouth marketing produces excellent outcomes. Why? People trust influencers more than advertisements, and opinion leaders are happy to post the outcomes of the partnership on their profiles, which aids in reaching a larger audience. For its Instagram community, Calvin Klein collaborated with specialised influencers to produce a number of video gift guides.

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Want amazing influencer marketing ideas and services to promote your brand this Christmas?

Holiday promotions come in a wide variety of formats, making it challenging to stand out from the competition and draw in your target demographic. Christmas is almost approaching, therefore now is the ideal moment to take inspiration for your upcoming holiday marketing campaign from the top Christmas Instagram marketing ads of this year.

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Discover the top 9 Christmas influencer marketing ideas and examples of your favourite international brands. Also how to create one such buzzing campaign for your brand.

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