3 Best Practices of Influencer Marketing for Fitness Brands

Sep 05, 2022

Fitness and yoga brands have a large market to take over. However, because consumers are less likely to fall for celebrities and advertisements than they once were, traditional advertising can only give you a limited audience and conversions. Do you know why consumers trust influencers? Because many fitness and yoga influencers have their own fitness and physical transformation journeys which they choose to share with their social media followers to educate and motivate them. These stories are more relatable and genuine than paid ads and celebrities. Today’s tech-savvy people don’t easily fall for paid ads as they understand the difference between a genuine recommendation and a staged one.

Additionally, they are paid far less than celebrities, particularly nano-and micro-influencers. They also have large, loyal followings that accept their word as gospel, which means they can increase your sales in more ways than one.

For all these reasons influencer marketing is probably the best way to grow your fitness brand on social media.

Top 3 influencer marketing tips to uplift your fitness brand

#1: Partner with the right influencers

Thousands of influencers can be found on practically every social media site, but not all of them are a suitable fit for you. Brands in the health and fitness industry should exercise caution when choosing influencers for a partnership. This is due to the fact that a significant portion of your brand's public reputation will be shaped by your influencers.

fitness brands

Fitness influencers come in different shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Fitness models
  • Athletes/coaches from local or national sports teams
  • Nutritionists,
  • doctors,
  • personal trainers
  • Actors and local celebrities
  • Influencers with transformation journey 
  • Survivals of different medical conditions 
  • Anyone with a strong voice, broad reach, and deep engagement

Make sure your ideal influencer has the reach, engagement, audience demographics, and content you want. If not you can easily end up hiring the wrong influencers which means losing both your time and other resources. Consider the following factors when you narrow down your list of influencers:

Goals of your campaign

Do you want to provide a new streaming service for health and fitness or use influencer marketing to publicize a new initiative? Make sure your marketing objectives are clear so that you can choose the best influencer for the job.

Tier of influencers 

Are you searching for well-known influencers or common people to market your brand? What is the minimum number of followers and engagement rate you require? What are your influencer marketing goals, preferred payment method, and budget? To reduce your options, and avoid confusion it is recommended to review all of these criteria.

Type of content

To find out about the voice and values of potential influencers, go deeply into their content. Check if they coincide with those of your brand doing so. A partnership with a vegan influencer, for instance, will appear genuine and natural if your health and fitness streaming service aid in keeping vegans healthy and motivated.

Social media platforms

Should the influencers have YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, or social media presence on certain platforms? Do they frequently use the platforms where your target audience congregates? To create your content strategy, you need this knowledge.

As you can see, choosing an influencer requires careful consideration of a number of aspects. Manually reviewing each influencer's profile is impractical.

Additionally, you run the danger of working with influencers whose engagement and follower counts are fabricated and exaggerated.

What’s the solution?

To assist you with finding and researching influencers, there are numerous agencies with verified influencer databases. Additionally, they may support you with relationship management and proposal negotiation. By doing so, you can protect your marketing from risk. Likewise, hashtag technologies and influencer marketing techniques can produce trustworthy outcomes.

Consider connecting with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing company in Canada. They will guide you on how to get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. You can sign up to know more about their influencer marketing services and packages.

#2: Plan your influencer marketing campaign

Plan your campaign's objectives, strategy, and timetables after hiring any appropriate influencers. The main steps to be taken are listed below:

  • Identify the measurements, KPIs, and marketing objectives.
  • Research what your competitor's fitness and lifestyle brands are doing.
  • For your fitness and yoga influencers, create a marketing brief.
  • Make them sign a contract (influencer agreement) to avoid any confusion
  • Create a brief content plan.

influencer marketing campaign

You can blend many content kinds together, including:

  • Fitness videos
  • Training sessions
  • Motivational quote
  • Transformation journeys
  • Live sessions with experts
  • Pre/post workout recipes
  • Tips from nutritionists
  • What not to do - video series
  • Contests & Giveaways

Pro tip: Regardless of the content types you use, ensure that they are heavy on images. Users of social media can stop scrolling and pay attention to well-designed visuals. They also receive more shares and engagement than text-based ones. Consider posting trending content on your preferred social media platforms like reels for Instagram.

#3: Measure your influencer marketing campaign

Any brand that uses influencer marketing should make tracking and measuring their campaigns a top focus.

But why tracking is so important?

It aids in the decoding of profitable influencers and winning techniques. You may develop an accountability culture in your influencer connections by keeping an eye on your influencer-led initiatives. Additionally, it provides the focus for your subsequent efforts. You can decide on benchmarks for your upcoming campaigns and pinpoint areas that need improvement. By doing so, you can guarantee your return on investment (ROI) and take the guessing out of influencer marketing.

You should measure campaign performance because of another reason:

It will be simpler to win management support for future initiatives once you can demonstrate tangible outcomes for your investment. Influencer marketing is still a relatively new marketing tactic even though it has proven to be effective. Additionally, it isn't packaged with a manual of guidelines and success stories. It makes sense that many business owners view influencer marketing as a "fluff" form of advertising that has little or no impact on the bottom lines of their organisations. If you can consistently generate ROI from influencers, you can win over your management's trust and enlist their support.

However, evaluating the effectiveness of your influencer marketing won't be simple. It's actually the top challenge, according to 76% of marketers. It's actually the top challenge, according to 76% of marketers.

However, because it is required, take the following actions to complete the task:

Review your influencer marketing objectives in order to determine the appropriate KPIs to monitor. Engagement, clicks, impressions, and conversions are the most important performance measures for most marketers as evaluated by InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing platform in Canada.

In order to track the top 3 metrics here’s what you can do:

For engagement

You can keep an eye on the total number of likes, comments and shares. There are various tools available in the market that can help you do that seamlessly. A little research would help you pick the right tool in case you are considering that as an option.

For Clicks & Impressions

Utilize social media monitoring tools to monitor the impressions and clicks received by your influencer material. If the number is low, it's probably because the material isn't engaging or platform-optimized.

For Conversions

To monitor referral traffic from influencers, you can apply conversion pixels, promotion links, and trackable tags. Use affiliate marketing tools to track the sales that your influencers produce if they are also affiliates.

influencer marketing campaign

Ready to uplift your brand reputation by leveraging the power of influencer marketing?

You're not just selling a yoga routine or fitness workout when you operate in the health and fitness sector. You're marketing a healthy self-image and the determination to persist. You should therefore collaborate with influencers who share your goals and enthusiasm for fitness and wellness.

Once you spot them, you should be aware of the best ways to take advantage of their influence and voices. Your influencer marketing should be deliberate, pulsed, and productive if you want to surpass your rivals. And making any effort is useless if you're not going to track the results.

Your influencer marketing initiatives will be optimised from beginning to conclusion if you follow the above plan. It always pays to be aware and cautious, even if you've employed an influencer marketing specialist or company.

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Discover 3 tips of influencer marketing to uplift the face of your fitness brand.


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