Top Beauty Bloggers In Canada Who Are Giving Major Lifestyle Goals

Jul 08, 2022

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Why do brands prefer to work with beauty bloggers?

1. Enhance brand visibility and awareness

2. Give freshness to your content

3. Better engagement

4. Increase sales

5. Provide higher ROI

6 Comes within budget

List of top 10 beauty bloggers in Canada worth following on Instagram

How to find the perfect beauty blogger in Canada for your brand?

Do you love checking out Canadian beauty bloggers and influencers on Instagram? Read this article to discover some of the passionate creators of this space. From makeup artists to beauty brand owners, from mom influencers to software engineers get to know how these beauty bloggers are creating goals-worthy content to impress their Insta followers. Also if you are a beauty brand looking to partner with top beauty bloggers in Canada check out this article to discover why you should do it and many more.

Why do brands prefer to work with beauty bloggers?

If you are aware of the recent purchase trend of consumers you might know that 78% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations more than other forms of marketing. That is precisely why every nine among tend brands are looking to invest in influencer marketing and not traditional advertising. Before trying a new brand consumers prefer to check the reviews and other related content by their trusted influencers. Authentic beauty bloggers in Canada create genuine content where they focus on telling the truth about their favourite beauty and skincare brands instead of sugarcoating them. That’s why consumers put their trust in them.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why beauty brands collaborate with beauty bloggers and influencers

1. Enhance brand visibility and awareness

Genuine beauty bloggers can help you spread positive words about your brand and products. If your consumers know the main USPS of your products they can easily make purchase decisions without hesitating. As a brand, it is important to keep in mind the buyers’ perspectives. If you work with beauty influencers in Canada that your target audience follows it would instantly increase your brand visibility by connecting potential buyers to your brand.

2. Give freshness to your content

To be on the top of your business through social media marketing requires continuous production of new and relevant content that can appeal your target audience. Working with genuine beauty bloggers will help you create creative brand content that can engage and entertain your audience. So that even if they don’t buy your products but would like to connect with you to get any update about your brand.

3. Better engagement

If you want to engage your target audience with your products focus on creating emotionally appealing brand content. Beauty influencers understand their followers’ interests and create content accordingly. Instead of giving them strict instructions if you can provide them with a little space for creativity, they would create something that would sell instead of just sitting duck on your social media page.

4. Increase sales

If you want to increase your sales by partnering with beauty influencers you can think about hosting giveaways. It would not only engage your audience but increase followers on your social media pages which in turn will increase your sales. To do that efficiently you can offer discounts, coupons and free hampers around holidays or special occasions. If you are looking for a performance-based payment plan, think about affiliate marketing which would get your products sell by giving a small percentage to the affiliates upon a successful purchase.

5. Provide higher ROI

As a brand owner if you would like to get a higher ROI work with micro beauty influencers who will charge less but provide better engagement as they are followed by a niche audience where everyone would interact with everyone. Instead of paying celebrity beauty influencers who have a great number of followers but poor engagement, it would be beneficial in more ways than one to hire micro-influencers.

6. Comes within budget

The beauty of influencer marketing is it can be customised according to your budget and requirements. If you are tight on your budget working with nano and micro-influencers would be rational. On the other hand, if you are an already established brand looking to improve your brand reputation or want to generate awareness about a product that is yet to launch you can hire mega beauty bloggers.  Such influencers are believed to be experienced in this field and understand how to create such content to provide maximum benefits to the brand.

List of top 10 beauty bloggers in Canada worth following on Instagram in 2022

1. Thanushka


If you are a beauty enthusiast who likes to explore current beauty trends on Instagram follow Thanushka, one of the top beauty bloggers in Canada. From reviewing new beauty and skincare products to creating glamorous looks using those you would get to know a plethora of DIY beauty hacks from her.

2. Charmaine


Another top beauty blogger in Canada is Charmaine, being a mother she loves to explore her colourful sight and influence to do the same to her followers. If you visit her Instagram profile you will find the journey of her pregnancy days with style, from suggesting skincare products to shopping hauls, you would love her way of presenting beauty content.

3. Sneha Bhatia

Sneha Bhatia

This Toronto-based beauty blogger knows how to engage her followers with genuine beauty and lifestyle content on Instagram. This mom blogger shares everything related to beauty and lifestyle including her weight loss journey on Instagram that is worth taking a look at.

4. Karina Waldron

Karina Waldron

Karina Waldron is a prominent name in the beauty blogging space of Canada, she has nearly 23k followers on Instagram and all her content is extremely relatable to her followers. She is a fragrance expert by profession and has her own fragrance brand, if you are interested to discover some goals-worthy fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

5. Natalie


Another worth mentioning top beauty blogger in Canada is Natalie who loves experimenting with various products and reviewing them for her Insta followers. If you are interested to create lovely beauty content for your social media followers check out Natalie’s Insta profile.

6. Cat Forsley

Cat Forsley

Check out Cat’s Insta profile if you are a beauty enthusiast and into creating goals-worthy beauty content for your followers. Being a beauty blogger she knows how to awe her followers with her amazing creativity.

7. Lauren Yavor

Lauren Yavor

Are you obsessed with nail art? Then you have more reason than one to check out Lauren’s profile who is not only a renowned beauty blogger in Canada but also the founder of @ellepolish a nail paint brand in Canada.

8. Courtney Kelly

Courtney Kelly

Courtney loves experimenting with different lip colours from matte finishes to glossy ones. Follow her if you are looking to add some quirky lip shades to your collection. You will also get a handful of tips about creating various eye make-ups using regular affordable beauty products.

9. Mehek


A make-up artist by profession Courtney is passionate about Indian desi looks, if you visit her Instagram account you would get to see glimpses of her creativity. She describes every product that has been used to create a particular look, following her instructions you can create them too.

10. Glow by Abbi

Glow by Abbi

Another makeup artist come beauty blogger in Canada on our list is Abbi. On her Insta account, you will find various makeup looks and many more related to beauty and fashion that are worth checking.

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How to find the perfect beauty blogger in Canada for your brand?

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