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Aug 24, 2021


When was the last time you look at the user journey of your website? If it’s been a while maybe it’s time to take a close look at that to make sure you are not losing customers because of any technical error connected to user experience. UX design ensures better user engagement with the website, app, software or through a marketing platform. With good UX design brands can cut costs on web development which means saving both time and money together with increased revenue. It also motivates users to engage with your company more which means increased customer loyalty if they like your products and services they will likely recommend them to their friends and family.

If you are looking for the best UX design agency in Canada consider yourself lucky because the country has some of the most top-notch companies that provide the best user experience solution. Read this article till the end to know who are the key players in the market and how to evaluate the best one for your business.

List of top UX Design Companies of Canada to Follow

1. Udelop


Udelop is one of the top UX design agencies in Canada that helps you with everything that you need for a perfect first impression. This remote design agency is based in Toronto and working with clients across the globe to provide the best in class user experience solutions. Their team of designers love creating products that are engaging, accessible and easy to use, they believe the combination of three is the mantra to take any biomes to the next level. They create amazing digital products, websites and branding. They are a full-service agency that works passionately with their clients to define and develop amazing user experiences.

Their work process is extremely simple yet meticulous, out of everything they prefer to focus on thorough research which is the key to find problems. Once they find the problem solving it will be just a matter of time. They make custom proposals based on their clients’ budgets and requirements. After delivering the solution they are always available to help because they believe in continuous partnership.

2. 14 Oranges


Since 2009 the team of experts at 14 Oranges are helping customers irrespective of their business size achieve their goals, they do all the development in-house so that the clients can follow the progress. They are rational, free from ego and extremely easy to approach that is why businesses love to work with them when it comes to UX design. They believe in simplicity and comfort since these two are the virtues of good design. Their mission is to bring value to the clients’ business so that they can serve their customers better.

14 Oranges is backed by years of experience in crafting outstanding user interfaces that are simple yet appealing at the same time. From simple applications to complex multiple user systems the team can help you achieve the perfect user interface. At the beginning they will provide a bunch of design options from where you can easily choose the one suitable for your business, then the wireframing process will start where they will show how your application will look like with a particular design. Throughout the process, you will get continuous guidance from experts which makes them one of the top UX design agencies in Canada.

3. Angry Nerds


Angry Nerds believe software development is a journey and they are a companion you can trust with your project. They have the skills and expertise that enable them to take on any sort of application development. When it comes to providing UX / UI Design services they believe it is not enough to just provide bare functionalities to users, digital products must be simple, eye-catching and easy to use. Whenever someone requires building new software or updating an existing one with proper UX / UI design they can have a real influence on the ROI.

They understand the nitty-gritty of UX design, they put their expertise in all their projects to ensure users have a great experience with your product from the moment they first use it. According to the UX design along with usable and beautiful images can play a big role in your brand awareness. So if you are looking for a product that can make a real difference in your business you can connect with them.

4. Zeux


Zeux is another top UX design company in Toronto, Canada who believes in raising the bar to ensure success in this field. They design exceptional digital experiences to deliver real business outcomes. They believe UX is a feeling that comes from exceeding business goals, if your customers are facing any problem that is not their fault but yours. They believe UX design projects deliver the best outcomes when they follow a systematic process that ensures the design is well informed, iterated and validated. They provide the interface design solution that meets business goals and fulfils user needs.

At Zeux design is created with a scientific basis grounded in cognitive psychology and behavioural science. If you are looking for an omnichannel strategy that ensures each user touchpoint is aligned to a master plan you must connect with them. Their deliverables include a UX ecosystem visualisation, user journey mapping, and screen representing key tasks.

5. Idea Theorem


Idea Theorem is an award-winning UI/ UX agency that creates simple and usable products for both web and mobile. Their human-centred design approach helps them understand their customers by identifying their pain points and deliver solutions that enhance their experience with your brand. They love to simplify the approach for the users because people like simple products. In order to make complex things simple, it requires a lot of understanding about how the process works. They emphasise with your customers to learn about their challenges.

When it comes to communicating with the clients they maintain utmost transparency which keeps everything sorted from both ends. If you are seeking professional help to improve your products with a better user experience you have every reason to get in touch with them.

6. Mind Sea


According to the expert designers of Mind, Sea design is a way something feels and the subtle interactions a user has with your app without properly noticing. They have more than 20 apps as features in the App Store, so there is no question about their credentials in this sector. Their designers love to solve problems and find innovative solutions. They build for scalability and success by laying the foundation with the right technology stack.

If you are looking to build an IOS or Android app from professionals who have a similar experience you might consider working with Mind Sea, which is one of the most reliable UX design companies in Canada. Their terms and conditions are extremely simple suitable for both startups and big brands.

7. Relevant Bits


For Relevant Bits research is the key to success not only for UX design but also for any kind of design approach that is looking to win millions of hearts. The team wants to influence the customer experiences positively with the outcomes of data, design, technology and critical thinking. They help you make the most out of your decisions because those are not less than an investment for your business. They believe effective web development is not only restricted to writing code, they carefully design every framework to meet the customers’ needs.

They mainly focus on building business solutions instead of just designing websites. They believe strategy is the foundation on which they build everything. Check out their website if you are looking for high-class UX design services for your project.

8. Side Kick


At Side Kick, the team create mobile applications to solve complex problems for the most innovative organisations. For more than 10 years the passionate team has been developing mobile projects and helping big companies across the globe to reach their fullest potential. Their mission is to bring mobile app solutions backed by outstanding UX design to ambitious partners that solve real problems. The team is dedicated towards fulfilling every requirement of their clients with utmost precision.

They have an educational approach to every project regardless of the sector or variety, they want their customers to incorporate them within their projects by giving a broad knowledge about their target market. This helps them understand what they are looking for and the team starts working on the project accordingly. They are backed by more than 10 years of experience in this UX design sector.

9. Signifly


Signifly is a well-known UX design company in Canada specialising in digital innovation. The team of consultants, designers and developers build and deploys digital products and experience for their ambitious clients. They are on a mission to improve how companies use digital solutions to amplify brands and connect with people. Their mission is to make it easier for brands to adopt the technology so that the brand followers got ultimate benefits.

They have achieved various milestones in this sector and have been featured in multiple renowned magazines. They are well known to build teams to match businesses, they believe ideas come from everywhere and expect everyone to bring everyone’s perspectives to a single place. Their culture is built upon collaboration, they believe a diverse team helps foster innovation which in turn build better products.

10. Veza Digital


The team align inbound marketing strategies to build visibility, generate leads and drive conversations for your business. The UI UX design team will make sure your clients will have an efficient and memorable experience on your website. They make sure all of their clients have the best experience possible. Veza Digital make sure your customers remember their experience whenever going through your app or website.

They don’t prefer to waste their clients’ time with trial and error methods, they want to create the perfect product at their earliest without compromising with the quality. Their 6 step process ensures top quality UI and UX design service right off the bat.

To sum up with

For every business irrespective of the sector and size user experience is important because it ensures your customers have a great experience while going through your business profile. A meaningful user experience allows you to clearly define customer journeys on your product that can take any business to the next level. If you are looking to start a new business or improve your existing one this article is a must-read for you. Hope it would make your entire searching process a bit easier.


Discover top UX design agencies of Canada that are redefining the sector of user experience. Discover their main USPs so that your detaching process can be simplified.


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