5 Marketing Ideas To Delight Your Customers in March

Mar 08, 2023

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List of 5 marketing ideas to make your brand stand out in March

#1: Promote your brand around big events

#2: Offer complimentary products as a gift

#3: Use unique hashtags

#4: Celebrate a cause

#5: Work with influencers

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As summer is just around the corner so are some amazing events. From international Women’s Day to No Smoking Day a lot will happen in March. As a brand, you cannot afford to miss promoting your brand to increase revenue and achieve other marketing goals.

As a leading influencer marketing company in Canada, we understand it can be difficult to new ideas to woo your customers. That’s why here we have compiled a list of 5 influencer marketing ideas to make your brand stand out. Before planning your marketing strategy, you must have proper knowledge of your target audience. Make sure the campaign message resonates with your customers so that they get the feel of the campaign if not purchase from you.

List of 5 marketing ideas to make your brand stand out in March

1. Promote your brand around big events

Brand Promotion

Buyers are more likely to be active around holidays and other celebration days like International Women’s Day (8th March). People tend to gift items to their loved ones to celebrate events in this month. Though there is an argument like November or December is the most productive month in terms of sales volumes. Research shows the sales pattern in March is also very active. So if you are planning for social media campaign make sure everything is ready by the end of February or latest by the first week of March. In case you are considering promoting your brand with influencers keep the entire plan ready beforehand. If required talk to a reputed influencer marketing company to get a better endorsement plan within budget.

Pro Tip: Mark the date on which you want to go live on your preferred social media platform and keep everything ready at least before three working days so that your team gets some extra time to brush up.

2. Offer complimentary products as a gift

complimentary products offer

You can delight your buyers by offering exciting freebies or small gifts as a token of love. Research shows 48% of buyers wait for sales or discounts to purchase products. This March in order to make the most out of your marketing campaigns plan some discounts or gifts that your customers would love. Instead of giving them sweets or chocolates, you can simply offer samples of your products so that they can use them without buying but purchase if they like.

Pro Tip: Let the influencers declare discounts and other branded offers on their profiles instead of posting those on your website. Influencers have more reach and engagement than brands which means your offer would reach more potential customers.

3. Use unique hashtags

unique hashtags

If you want to boost your engagement and reach on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok leverage the power of unique hashtags. In order to communicate better with the millennials unique hashtags are great. You can also encourage user-generated content (UGC) to spice up your marketing strategies. March weekend holidays can also be your best time to promote your products to encourage sales. Create unique hashtags like #weekedsale #weekenddeals etc.

Pro Tip: Plan your campaign around the payday in March so that more people would consider purchasing from you.

4. Celebrate cause

international event calendar

The calendar is full of international events in March like Pi Day, National Nutrition Month etc. apart from international Women’s Day. It can be a perfect time to talk about your brand, highlight your foundation story, your inspirations, struggles you have faced and miles you want to achieve in the future. Social media campaigns are more powerful than you can imagine. It can make or break a brand!

Pro Tip: Spread awareness through your marketing campaign, support a cause, and make your customers feel valued.

5. Work with influencers

business influencer marketing

In order to stand out in this crowded business influencer marketing can save you. If you know your target customers and which influencers they follow on various social media platforms you can try to partner with those creators to endorse your products. Plan a good campaign strategy if you wish to create a powerful brand message. Provide creative space to the influencers because they are known for their creativity, they know how to create their content to appeal to their customers. If a powerful influencer promotes your brand it will gain a lot of traction within a less time span compared to traditional marketing.

Pro Tip: Hire a reputed influencer marketing company that will handle your influencer marketing requirements by understanding your marketing objectives.

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