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About me

Hey Team,

My name is Mike, and we focus on Family travel content creators, where we provide tips and tricks to parents on safe, cost saving travel ideas.

As a travel Influencer/Content Creator, we have worked with various brands, both large and small, and promoted products, holiday suggestions and much more.

We are passionate about by creating impactful, high-quality content via photo and video that tells a story for parents to follow!

We are described as passionate, enthusiastic, excitable, confident, honest, and fun to work with, and I absolutely love what I do! I am a huge lover of all things family related and I incorporate all facets of these topics into the videos on my YouTube Channel, "Unbox & Reviews." I've got a lot of content planned and scheduled for this month and beyond based on our family experience over the last year and look to include you into our mix.

My audience is typically Mothers and Father between 27-49 and mostly female with a 67% rate. They, and I, enjoy most products that are related to travel and family experience. My followers come to use for family advice and enjoy shopping and get excited to try out new products that we have suggested.

We have worked hard to build a strong relationship with our followers and engage with them daily with stories, posts, questions and private Dm’s and working on continually building relationships with my followers. Our followers know me (us) as someone that they can trust for recommendations, advice, and incredible tips.

I can generate content at a lower cost than other influencers with more followers than I can! I currently have about 12,500+ followers on Instagram, and my rates are much lower than that of a larger influence! Plus, I can help to drive sales of your products, because my followers are extremely active with my content. Come visit me on social media and drop me a line! I look forward to working with you! :)Visit our website for more info about our demographics and who we have worked with. We look forward to the next steps.

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  • Facebook No of Followers: 1338
  • Twitter No of Followers: 354
  • Instagram No of Followers: 12539
  • Youtube No of Subscribers: 270

My Work Samples

YouTube Video

Chelsea Hotel Toronto Ontario They brought us as guest to enjoy a weekend exploring the city of Toronto. fully Comped value at $2600.00 Including Media pass's, food, transportation and more.

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