How To Endorse An Educational Institution With Influencers And Bloggers?

May 31, 2021


Looking to kick off your influencers marketing strategy for an educational institution?

There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth to drive sales, when it comes to enrolling in a university or management institution there is no difference. Harnessing the power of influencer marketing can revamp your brand reputation creatively. Without a proper influencer marketing strategy, you are surely missing out on an enormous opportunity.

According to a recent marketing survey, it has been revealed that around 88% of marketers say ROI from influencer marketing is better than other approaches. 

People tend to believe influencers’ recommendations more than television advertising. This is the reason why eight among ten brands are looking to tie with powerful influencers who resonate well with their brand.

Here our experienced influencer marketers highlighted some of the tips of influencer advertising that can boost sales for education business. As a leading influencer marketing platform in Canada, we have helped many educational institutions and online educational platforms to reach their marketing goals with our exclusive influencers marketing services. Scroll down to discover some of the basics of influencer marketing speciality for the education niche.

Which influencers are perfect to endorse education?

The education sector is different from other niches it requires a special strategy to attract a right-minded audience. In the beginning owner of educational institutions used to doubt the potential of influencer marketing for their sector, they believed this is only for the beauty and food industry. But time passes education marketers understood the true power of influencer marketing.

Education influencers of Canada are hard to find because this is an out of the box niche. Most of the influencers prefer to create content on other niches like beauty, food, fitness etc. Education influencer can be anyone:

  • Classroom teacher 
  • Education enthusiasts 
  • Former teacher 
  • Social media enthusiasts

Choose influencers with a higher number of followers and engagement (around 4%) The more the engagement ratio the higher the chances of positive response from your target audience. Before hiring influencer research, a bit about his/her profile:

Is the influencer active on different educational platforms? 
Are they have up to date knowledge of education and its recent changes? 
Are they good at communicating with the audience? 
Do they have storytelling capacities? 
Are they fit within your budget? 

To know more about your education influencers, connect with a reputed influencer marketing company that will help you handpick the best suitable profiles to spread positive words about your brand.

How to outreach education influencers of Canada?

After doing research from your end if you feel like that influencer would be the best match for your campaign start following them on social media platform(s). You can call out his/her a recent photo that you found inspiring, mention how you like it. It would be better if you approach the influencers as a partner rather than a hired help, this way they will have more reason than one to connect with your brand.

Building relationships with your influencers will create brand advocates organically who can directly influence your target audience by spreading positive words about your products and services.

What’s the magic formula for getting noticed?

For the education business, it is important to appeal to the emotion of your customers so that they get the right reasons to connect with your institutions. If you are an online education looking to drive sales through influencer marketing focus on creating great content highlighting the main USPs of your service. If you wish to target kids to your education platform partner with mom influencers who are backed by huge followers and is part of big mom communities. If they recommend your products it will be seen by a huge mass right away.

What’s the process of recruiting influencers?

Before recruiting influencers for your education project you need to check the number of followers, engagement quality, content quality, posting frequency and other details which are crucial for the success of the campaign. Send them a campaign proposal and wait for a reply, in general, if they are interested, they will get back at their earliest (within a maximum of 48 hours). Mention all the task details there and ask them to accept or acknowledge that, don’t forgot to mention the remuneration details.

If you hire micro-influencers, you can compensate them with coupons, discounts, gift hampers, goodies, free products, other than real money of course. If you hire celebrity influencers they will take good remuneration only, you cannot convince them to work for you with other means, unlike micro-influencers.

To more about your influencers you can take help from a reputed influencer marketing agency that understands how to check influencers for their authenticity.

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Check the well-crafted infographic below to understand the entire process easily


Looking for education influencers?

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How can an influencer marketing agency help?

Looking for top-notch influencer advertising services for your education venture? Connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing agency of Canada with years of relevant experience in dealing with education businesses. They know how to curate an awesome campaign to attract the right-minded audience to a certain business. For them good content is the key to success, their team can curate the best suitable campaign that can generate maximum traction among your target audience.

They have a huge database of registered bloggers, influencers and industry experts from all the niches including beauty, health and fitness, parenting, food, travel, education. technology, interior designing, investment and many more. Evaluating your project they will suggest the best suitable profiles for your project who will spread positive words about your project and help you meet your marketing goals.


Are you looking to revamp your education business with influencer advertising? Read this article to discover details about influencer marketing strategy for education platforms. Also discover how an influencer marketing company can help you.


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