5 Reasons Consumers Trust Influencers Over Celebrities

Jun 08, 2022

According to a recent influencer marketing report it has been found that more than 69% of customers trust influencers' recommendations more than other forms of advertisements. So it’s time to accept influencers are the new celebrity. If you are a brand looking to revamp your reputation in the market you must have thought about hiring influencers to endorse your products. If your target customers are Gen Z Millennials you have more reason than one to invest in influencer advertising because engaging them is tricky. The same research also found that teenagers on social media like to follow influencers for gaining inspiration, learning about new trends and be exposed to interesting as well as fun content. Teenage men like to follow gaming and sports influencers whereas women love the content of beauty and fashion influencers. Successful influencers inspire genuine people in more ways than one they are great to communicate the message about new trends be it in Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, lifestyle, travel or any other sector.

authentic influencer

To get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign it is important to choose influencers who have a great impact on your target audiences’ choices which means they must appear authentic. They must have a great personality and have proper skills to shift peoples’ mindsets regarding their final purchase decision. The influencers must be knowledgeable in their sector, they must have proper information about the products that they are endorsing, and the consumers must relate to the content.

For Gen Z people Instagram influencers and YouTubers are celebrities, they not only follow them but get inspired in different ways. Social media remains a key driver of consumer purchases, nearly 80% of millennials say they learn about new products from social media through influencers. Not only do popular influencers inspire general people to become influencers which means they have huge power over peoples’ mindsets.

If you are still not convinced about hiring influencers and thinking about spending your valuable resources on celebrities take a look at the next section of the article where our experts explained why influencers are a better brand choice over celebrities.

List of 5 reasons customers trust influencers and not celebrities


#1 Better engagement

Consumers trust those with whom they can learn and share their thoughts which is not possible for celebrities. Influencers whose social media followers range from 5000 to 10000 are great to work with because they communicate with their followers not only that sometimes they initiate the conversation to increase their followers and get noticed. This means if you hire micro-influencers to endorse your products it would reach a more right-minded audience.

#2 Easy to communicate

Consumers like influencers because they are easy to initiate conversations with. Even after promoting a brand if the followers have any questions they can directly ask the influencers without any hesitation which is not possible with the celebrities.

#3 Relatable content

When you post relatable content on social media more people seem to understand and engage with it. Influencers are known for their relatable content be it a brand post or a simple picture. When celebrities post brand content people would think this is just the result of the grab of cash and not organic because in most cases celebrities do not use those products in real life. Instead of being vocal, they like to hide things, especially about their skincare and lifestyle brands. This is a strong reason why influencers are more trustworthy than celebrities.

#4 More flexible

Influencers are more approachable and flexible than celebrities. They like to interact with their followers on a regular basis regarding various topics including the ones they are interested in. In contrast, celebrities do not like to chat with their random followers. This is the reason why users connect more with influencers than celebrities. Brands like to leverage the power of renowned influencers to shift people's mindsets regarding their final purchase decisions. Influencers understand the importance of their role in an influencer marketing campaign. They happily interact with people who are interested in their work after all it enhances their credentials in front of the brands, whereas celebrities don’t care about such factors.

#5 Easy communication

How many times it has happened to you that you have asked a question your favourite celebrity and he or she answered it? You might count but millions of users don’t get any reply from their favourite celebrities. But if you have been asked to name your influencer friend you can easily take one or more. That’s the beauty of hiring influencers to promote a brand, when customers see their favourite influencers promoting a particular product or a brand they gradually put their trust in that brand and that’s what you want as a business owner. Leading to potential customers and appearing loyal in front of them are very hard to achieve if it is not through influencers.

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How do authentic influencers look like?

In the era of social media influencers, it has become more difficult than ever to spot the authentic one because fake influencers are everywhere. Authentic influencers maintain a good engagement throughout their profile not only that they are also consistent in what they do. If you are looking to hire authentic influencers to revamp your brand reputation make sure the creators possess the following qualities.

genuine influencers

  • Maintain a good engagement ratio (5% to 8% for micro-influencers having less than 25K followers)
  • Posts regularly (weekly at least one post in must)
  • Have done collaboration projects with brands before
  • Understand the right tonality to approach the followers
  • Backed by a quality audience instead of just keeping thousands of followers for no good
  • Gets relevant comments on the posts instead of only emojis (only emojis in the comments can mean the profile has bot followers and engagement)

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Few words before wrapping up

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Hold on a minute if you think hiring an influencer marketing agency is expensive because it is nothing but a mere myth. The truth is you can customise an influencer marketing campaign as per your budget which means no unnecessary pressure of spending more than you can afford.

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Discover why consumers trust influencers more than celebrities and what authentic influencers would look like?


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